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Projects Module

Projects centralised system gives you high level visibility of projects to control and take action, helping you avoid risks, control spend, manage variations, and report outcomes to stakeholders.

Roll-up Contract Management into detailed Capital Program Management

  • Gain visibility of project plans and required activity levels
  • Identify project delays and/or expenditure overruns & take proactive action
  • Save time by automating assessment of funding requests
  • Track and control issues, cashflow and reporting

Forecast & Manage Project Cashflow

Manage the complete cash flow on your projects by contract or by supplier. View original/approved budgets, revised budgets, forecasts, actual and committed values. With greater insight into what's happening, you can take action to avoid project blowouts. 


Project Activity Management

Manage project variations / change requests and associate with defined workflows

Risk assessments can be captured to provide visibility into areas that need to be managed

Issue management features ensure all project issues are logged and resolutions managed within timeframes



Project Timeline Management

Manage the progress of the project by cashflow and time. Timeline management features support capture of planned and actual time frames for each project stage. 

Define and manage key milestones and deliverables and set eAlert notifications to internal and external stakeholders to take action. Easily integrate to MS Project for visibility in a Ganntt chart format.



Project Reporting

Includes multiple levels of reporting such as;

  • A project's dashboard for graphical view of a single project with drill downs
  • Report on project financial data at any level; project stage, sub-program, program, portfolio
  • Integration with MS SQL Reporting Services
  • Export to PDF, MS Word, MS Excel Formats



Try integrating with..

Budgets Module

Contract financial data can be managed in the budgets module. Manage contractor payments, schedule of rates, payment scheduling, quotations & variations. 

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SRM Module

Quickly and easily search and manage all supplier details in the SRM module. Integrate with categories for category management functionality. 

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