Driving employment, apprenticeship and education outcomes

Esher House supports providers to deliver better targeted support and improved completion rates utilising the power of behavioural science


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Esher House provides behavioural science assessment technology and intervention programs at scale. Our prescriptive analytics tools help providers of employment, apprenticeships and education better understand and activate their clients.

Translating the latest in psychology and neuroscience into research-backed assessment tools and programs, we enable the ‘holy grail’ of attitudinal analysis, segmentation and intervention so providers can achieve better client and business outcomes. 

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Esher House for

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Data Analytics

Esher House has built powerful analytic capacity across employment and education data and uncovering factors that drives your target outcomes and engage your stakeholders.


Employment Outcomes

Our programmes with over 100,000 citizens consistently deliver world-leading outcomes for individuals with  complex circumstances in being engaged and supported to live fulfilling lives.


Education Outcomes

Education providers can now predict whether a student is likely to complete a course with individually tailored programs to enhance engagement and improve completion rates.



What sets us apart?
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Behavioural Science

Leverage data and insights based on over 100,000 individual assessments and tens of thousands of academic papers and increase job outcomes by 42%.

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Determine a person's commitment to work or study using peer-reviewed, validated assessment tools that unlock real mindsets and attitudes.

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Productivity & Growth

Understand and convert client attitudinal data into actionable knowledge, ensuring you direct resources where they are needed most and maximise ROI.

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Deliver practical mental toughness, wellbeing and resilience training designed to 'nudge' individuals at different attitudinal stages towards positive action. 

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