iNNOVATE Online Recordings

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Our iNNOVATE online series has just wrapped up, featuring a comprehensive lineup of sessions. These sessions not only revisited the key discussions from ReadyTech's in-person iNNOVATE event last year but also delved into detailed product explorations and demonstrations, offering a wealth of valuable insights.


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Connecting councils and communities

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Ready Community - Product Roadmap

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Ready Contracts - Product Roadmap

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Financials Standard Module Spotlight

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Financials Enterprise Module Spotlight

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Payroll Module Spotlight

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Payroll & ESS Module Spotlight

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Ready Contracts Module Spotlight

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Property & Rates Module Spotlight

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Customer Experience Module Spotlight

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Business Intelligence Module Spotlight

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Ready Buy Module Spotlight

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Rapid Delivery: Navigating the path to success

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Licensing & Complianec Module Spotlight

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Our Speakers

Daniel Wyner | Chief Executive, Government & Justice

With 15+ years in tech and 5+ years at ReadyTech, Daniel led Workforce Solutions, delivering top payroll solutions to major enterprises. He played a key role in acquisitions, product development, and ReadyTech's ASX listing. Now as Chief Executive of Government & Justice, he aims to innovate customer-centric solutions for local and state governments, transforming operations and community service.

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Craig McLaughlin | Head of Strategy & Solution Design

Craig started his career in Professional Services for an Accounting Firm and quickly moved into core IT. He now has over 25 years’ experience in the IT sector in building new software products. He still to this day is passionate about the industry and spends a substantial portion of his time involved in product demonstrations and discussions around new features and technology that our ReadyTech Government customers want to use.

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Eliza Sbizzirri | Product Manager

Eliza joined ReadyTech in 2018, where she has worked in many roles including Consultant, Professional Services Manager, and assisting with Sales. As Product Manager, Eliza works closely with the Product Team, User Group and Strategic Partners to define the product strategy.

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Melisa Perkins | Senior Consultant, Procurement - ReadyTech

Melisa joined ReadyTech in 2011 and has developed a wealth of knowledge and skills in various client facing roles across the procurement team, including support, account management, training design and delivery and consulting. She enjoys working closely with clients and understands the importance of the human element in driving the user experience.

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Ryan Newstead | Enterprise Product Manager, Procurement - ReadyTech

Ryan has 18 years of experience with ReadyTech Procurement, and a strong background in enterprise tech. He has extensive knowledge relating to the business and functional requirements of our clients, which allows him to deliver best-practice solutions that carefully algin to clients’ needs.

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Susan Furber | Head of Professional Services

Susan brings a variety of experience to ReadyTech, with previously working both in and out of the IT industry. With her broad scope of knowledge, she is eager to help solve challenges and develop her team to successfully implement their product with clients.

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Vijay Pindiganti | Head of Consulting - Finance & Enterprise Assets Management

Vijay is an accomplished, process-oriented, results-driven, and customer focused consulting professional. With over 20 plus years of experience in driving efficiency and effectiveness in IT and Project Management, Vijay is the Head of Consulting - Finance, Payroll & Enterprise Assets and has a strong commitment to delivering customer centric programs, systems and processes.

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Eva Christensen | Junior Business Analyst

Eva joined ReadyTech in 2022 as an Implementation Consultant, and has since moved to the Development team, assisting in the creation of new BI models for the Ready Community ERP suite. She enjoys assisting customers in exploring their data, building bespoke requirements to suit their needs and solve problems.

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Stuart Rhee | Senior Consultant

Stuart joined ReadyTech over 20 years ago, he was initially based in the Northern Territory where he worked on the implementation and support of their products to remote Councils. After six years he then moved down to Adelaide where he continued to work on implementation / support of their products. As a Senior Consultant at ReadyTech, Stuart dedicates a significant portion of his time helping clients transition to the latest platform.

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Darren Cottam | Senior Consultant & Developer

Darren is a Senior Finance Consultant & Developer with ReadyTech, who is passionate about ReadyTech's Community Finance product and thrives on using the software to tackle new problems / obstacles. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from Flinders University and previously worked as an in-house Microsoft Dynamics NAV Specialist in the private sector.

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