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Integration - Ready Contracts API

Ready Contracts includes a comprehensive API that is designed to bridge the gap between the architectures and locations of external systems, and to align commonality between the many Financial Systems needing integration to our contract management system. The API enables all standard integration flows of a Financial Management System integration and aligns to current standards in security, protocols and behaviours for REST API’s.

Ready Contracts API has been used to integrate our solution with several external ERP/Financial Solutions including Technology One, MS Dynamics, Oracle, SAP & Ellipse.

Exact levels of integration with each ERP system are typically driven by your requirements, therefore the type of integration can vary from site to site, however typical integration points include:

  • Validation of Supplier information held within Ready Contracts against Vendor information stored in the financial management system

  • Ability to transfer key contract information from Open Windows Software to the financial management system at point of contract award

  • Ability to generate extract of contract transactional information to initiate the generation of purchase requisitions/orders in the financial management system

  • Ability to retrieve purchase order, invoice and payment information from the financial management system to Ready Contracts

Contract Financial Snapshot dashboard

The following illustrates the benefit of integration with a core finance system. The graph displays up to date Payments made-to-date on the Contract as well as Invoiced amounts and committed PO amounts. The graph data is extracted automatically from the core finance system on a regular basis.

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Integration with EDMS

In addition, we offer out-of-the-box integration with commonly used Electronic Document Management Systems (eDMS). Integration with your electronic Document Management System removes the need to double handle documents, creating efficiencies so that the process of exporting documents for subsequent storing in the eDMS can be avoided.

We offer out-of-the-box integration with commonly used eDMS Systems including Content Manager/TRIM, MS-SharePoint, and Objective.

Integration with external eDMS solutions facilitates the ability to:

  • Store new documents directly into the eDMS together with required metadata when new documents are added into Open Windows Software
  • Link documents already stored in the eDMS to contract records within Ready Contracts
  • View documents stored within the eDMS via the Ready Contracts application
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The solution also provides integration abilities with systems such as...  

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Native integration with ReadyTech's government solutions

Ready Contracts natively integrates with our ReadyTech ERP solutions for local and state governments, including Ready Community Finance and the Altus Financials Suite.

1. Electronic Signatures

We have developed an integration layer with DocuSign which provides the ability to automatically launch the DocuSign application when routing a document to either internal or external parties for signature. Once signed the completed document is then automatically routed back and captured within our solution against the relevant Contract or Supplier record.

2. Email Applications

Our application uses the built in .Net SMTP API to connect to any SMTP server and send email. The solution also supports SMTP authentication (required by external SMTP server).

3. MS Office

The solution can output information directly into MS Office applications such as Word, Excel, CSV, RTF as well as PDF and HTML

4. User Authentication Applications

Each user has a unique profile requiring authentication, username and password.

Ready Contracts supports several options to handle user authentication:

  • Internal User Authentication
  • ADFS Authentication
  • Azure AD Authentication
  • Okta AD Authentication

Ready Contracts' integration with AD is designed to support user authentication only. It does not leverage from the security groups within AD. Security groups are controlled by our client’s systems administrator within the Ready Contracts application separately.

''Logan City Council’s experience with the Ready Contracts customer service team has been excellent, all requests are responded to within a suitable time frame and problems are generally solved at the time of request. The team are always happy to provide assistance maintaining a professional and polite manner.''

Logan City Council

Allouise Daniel, Corporate Procurement Business Systems Officer

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