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Capital Works Management

Our Capital Works Project Management software solution helps you manage the entire life cycle of your capital works programme in one system. When contracts and suppliers are aggregated into a single managed project environment businesses can recognise a whole new world of benefits.

Does your project rely on suppliers, contractors or outsourced resources?

The Ready Contracts Modular Procurement software suite is perfectly suited to managing the life cycle of capital works projects, which are often heavily dependent on the effective management of project milestones, governed by contracts with vital suppliers.

Far too often project managers and contract administrators are coordinating the numerous tasks and responsibilities of each project delivery in different software systems. This lack of integration between vital project management components exacerbates the inherent difficulty of complex project management today, and can lead directly to significant negative influences on your project such as ➡️

  • Project delays and time consuming disputes with suppliers
  • Cost blowouts
  • Poor compliance with no audit trails or accountability paths
  • No consistent process for correct approvals and documentation
  • Uninsured suppliers and high risk liabilities
  • No validation of costs or incorrect, misaligned, delayed, duplicated or delayed payments
  • Inconsistent information between design, proposal, tender, contract, suppliers & client
  • Time-consuming multiple data entry across multiple software systems
  • Decisions made based upon outdated or incorrect information

Centralised database

All contract and supplier details are in one place with quick and easy keyword search capabilities

Automated notifications

Never miss a deadline or decision point on any contract in your project with notifications direct to your email

Reduced risk of non-compliance

Responsibility on suppliers to maintain updated contract insurances, contract securities in online portal

Enforce accountability

Real-time data and audit trails to enforce accountability on project managers & compliance to project requirements from suppliers

Configure your business processes

Build workflows to match your project needs, not the systems for control and accountability

Tiered supply chain management

Manage multi-party contracts or multiple tiers down your project supply chain – not just your prime contractor

Automate processes to save time

Automatically update milestones, reforecast budgets, send electronic approvals, timed escalation pathways & auto-generate contractual documentation

Safer projects

With better compliance & due diligence on safety standards and operations with less waste and built-in risk management features

Streamline data across the organisation

Integration with business applications including ERP, P2P & finance systems for consistency & real-time data

Easy & fast reporting

Share real time reports, with relevant stakeholders for more accurate decisions on projects/contracts

Better visibility

High level & granular transparency for contract & project incl. cashflow, changes to contract values, lifecycle & TCO costs, delays, expenditure overruns

Stronger Supplier Relationships

Easily pre-qualify, communicate, collaborate and exchange contract information through an online portal

Control your risk profile, budget management and compliance needs at every stage of your project

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Project Scope

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Resource Planning

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Project Management

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Delivery Completion

Project Scope

Ready Contracts offers end-to-end management, starting with your scoping phase by initial identification of the business need for the project, submitting project proposal, evaluating proposals to prioritise importance and conducting risk assessment for project feasibility.

Key features:

  • Project plan with overview scan
  • Business case & budgeting synchronisation
  • Category planning, skill planning and market intelligence capture
  • Online project proposal evaluation based on a user defined questionnaire containing weighted criteria
  • Identification of stakeholder groups & project team definition

Resource Planning

The Ready Contracts system enables more efficient project resource planning to assist you with such activities as project approval, planning and project specification, category planning, project funding, budget control, allocating staff and supplier project personnel, sourcing skilled contractors, sub-contract tendering, supply chain tier management and awarding both prime and sub contracts.

Key features:

  • ECI and pre-qualification support
  • Manage the RFx process through an eTendering portal
  • Online Tender evaluation with flexible scoring process
  • Contract document creation, award process and online approvals
  • Centralised contract repository for all documentation for each project
  • Team selection and personnel planning – with key stakeholder groups defined
  • Conflict of interest register

Project Management

Ready Contracts manages all supplier, contract and project information in a centralised location. Ensuring contract obligations and deliverables are met, activities and resources are compliant with legal requirements and project information on progress, performance and budgets are reported efficiently to decision makers.

Key features:

  • eAlert notifications for all contract deliverables and milestones
  • View project information at a program, sub-program and/or individual project level
  • View real time project cashflow – by project stage and period incl. LTD and YTD
  • Payment integration through to ERP / Finance System
  • Issue management and resolution tracking
  • Online Portal to communicate with contractors and saved history
  • Defined workflow processes with electronic approvals and timed escalation pathways
  • Balanced scorecard reporting
  • Integration to Microsoft Project

Delivery Completion

The Ready Contracts system builds confidence in on time and on budget delivery of capital works projects. It also enables, encourages and ensures better supplier performance as well as better change management throughout the delivery process. The key features include functionality to strengthen risk management, budget management, compliance management, variation management and process management throughout the project through accurate information and efficient reporting methods.

Key features:

  • Reporting dashboard and KPIs facility
  • Maintain detailed history of supplier performance
  • Real-time audit trail – including supplier communications
  • Work inspection and assessment capability
  • Risk management
  • Payments clock
  • Project cash-flow integrated with your P2P
  • Dedicated portal for on-site data entry by suppliers and contractors
  • Secure Portal for external parties (contractors) to submit variations, payment claims and update insurance details, compliance records and performance reporting

Modular Solution – buy just what you need

The Ready Contracts solution consists of nine flexible modules. Our core Contracts Module can be used with any combination of modules and any number of user licenses for both small numbers of users (the project team) and larger teams (your colleagues or project users) or even for an unlimited number of external users (such as your suppliers and contractors). This allows you to only buy what you need, providing an affordable solution regardless of the size of your organisation.

Software as a Service

Secure and robust Enterprise Software as a Service delivery.

Integrate to other business systems

Finally, our system easily integrates API technology with most leading ERP and P2P systems guaranteeing you a single source of truth for your project data & information reporting. Additionally, as a Microsoft approved developer using the Azure platform, our system interfaces naturally with Microsoft Project, giving you all the features of a world-class project management system as well as end-to-end external contract management capability.

''Ready Contracts exceeds our requirements under our contract management guidelines and the eTender solution is a one stop portal for tender advertising and submission that our vendors use with ease. They provide a help desk that is championed by knowledgeable and responsive staff that make our relationship a fruitful one. We are a willing advocate for Ready Contracts.''

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