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Ready Contracts
Processes Module

Easily configured workflows guide users through correct business processes, incorporating electronic approval requests, outstanding task notifications, direct screen navigation and more.

The flexibility to design a contract management process workflow that’s right for your business

  • Use workflows that match your business processes, not the systems
  • Improve compliance by guiding users through tasks
  • Identify bottlenecks and accountability through a clear audit trail
  • Integrate with any module in the Modular Procurement suite

Design Workflows

Design and set up graphical process templates, to control and guide users through:

  • the order of task completion
  • the correct document templates
  • navigate to specific screens, and restrict progress until fields are complete
  • initiate electronic approval requests
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Initiate Electronic Approval Requests

Enforce control and security of permissions by embedding approval steps/hold points into any task or stage within the workflow. The electronic approval request can be used based on Position or Role and set up to trigger multiple approval steps globally or per workflow process.


Conditional & Timed Escalation Pathways

Incorporate pre-conditions and time limits into process tasks to automatically vary the workflow. Pre-conditions can be defined on $ value, type, category, risk level etc. 

Approval requests can be automatically escalated if unapproved after x days. 

Set a task duration to monitor planned and actual time frames for completion process.

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Sourcing Module

Use Sourcing to gain compliance and governance to your sourcing processes. Ensure users follow correct processes, in the correct order, in a consistent manner, with the right templates/documents and correct authorities. 

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Projects Module

Set up workflows to guide users through components of project management such as project planning - ensuring all documentation is recorded and correct approval structures are followed, or to ensure correct reporting requirements are followed with automated task notifications. 

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