Install VETtrak and leave the data migration process to the experts: our data migration specialists will make sure your installation of VETtrak is set up correctly at no additional cost, saving you precious time and money. Free NAT File Migration to VETtrak

Secure and Seamless Data Migration to VETtrak

Migrating data from one software system to another can be a risky and costly process when done without accuracy and close attention to detail from data migration specialists.

As education organisations begin to move to the cloud, data migration is crucial to ensure all systems, services, and applications have access to databases from on-premises and cloud solutions.

VETtrak will improve corporate performance and deliver a competitive advantage to your RTO or education organisation: our data manipulation specialists will make the migration process smooth and simple as you begin your journey with Australia’s most trusted student management system.

Our team are equipped to move your data from platforms such as Wisenet, JobReady, aXcelerate and other student management systems.

AVETMISS and NAT Migration* (*free of charge)

NAT files are the national standard file format for reporting information to government reporting bodies. We can seamlessly migrate data from NAT (AVETMISS) files into VETtrak on your behalf.

This migration will get your data up and running in VETtrak so you can continue your government reporting requirements, but may require input from you if there is additional data that you require.

Custom Migration (Price on Evaluation)

Our data migration specialists offer custom migration options for customers using data such as excel files, access databases or sets of CSV files.

We look at the data in your student management system, provide specifications for carefully moving the data, and offer consultation on how it can be accessed in VETtrak.

For a consultation with VETtrak’s migration specialists, request a call back from our team.