Online enrolments with VETenrol

Online enrolments with VETenrol

Your prospective students are online, so why aren’t you? With 73% of students researching courses online, and 70% preferring to enrol online, how many opportunities are you missing? 

Easily add your entire course catalogue onto your website with VETenrol – from micro-learning, short-courses like first aid and RSA, through to diploma-level qualifications. As your courses change or reach capacity in VETtrak, these changes will be reflected automatically in VETenrol and on your website too

Our solution manages everything from the complex and ever-changing needs of compliant reporting, all the way to one-click rapid enrolments for non-accredited short courses.

VETenrol also supports a variety of payment options making it easy to pay online. Students can use gateways such as eWay, PayPal, Stripe or SecurePay, as well as requesting invoices, purchase orders, Direct Debit, EFT and more. 

Manage your RTO’s student enrolments in one centralised location.

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Streamline student enrolments

Improve student experience


Simplify your student enrolment process by meeting your students where they are – online, and on mobile. Remove your reliance on paper-based, face-to-face enrolments. VETenrol’s completely online enrolments offer flexible, customisable, and multi-step workflows, within a branded experience. Simply embed the code in your website, landing page, or other online property and let VETenrol do the rest. 

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Flexible enrolment options

Offer more course types


Enable multiple online enrolment types with our highly configurable system. From easy-to-use self-serve options for short course enrolments, through to more complex AVETMISS reporting courses, VETenrol has the flexibility to meet your needs. Ensure more prospective students go from taking interest, to taking action, by making enrolments that click on desktop or mobile devices.

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VETtrak integrated

Your available courses updated automatically


Ensure your students have access to your most up-to-date course enrolment information – all online. Because it’s integrated via API, any changes in classes – be they availability, modality, costs or other – are automatically reflected whereever your VETenrol courses are displayed. Display your available courses in realtime – simply set it up, embed the code, and let VETenrol take it from there.

Why use VETenrol?

Make it easier for prospective students to choose you by reducing the friction between them taking interest in a course, and taking action.

Move from in-person, paper-based enrolments to capturing enrolments online. See how you can start taking registrations and enrolments online for everything from a short course through to more complex compliance-reporting courses.

Drastically reduce the amount of administration time required to complete your enrolments. Allow your students to self-select, and submit as much information as possible, all online, with secondary workflows available to capture follow-up information as necessary.

Create a customised student experience that expedites your enrolment process with VETenrol.

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Set up VETenrol

To get you started we’ll activate the VETtrak API, customise your branding and workflows, and share your embeddable code.

Simply add this code to your website, landing page, or other online property and it’ll update automatically based on VETtrak course changes.

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Online enrolments

Students are directed to your website to choose from a list of available courses, all collated from your available courses listed in VETtrak.

The branded experience ensures students feel like they’re enrolling all from within your website.

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Post-enrolment information gathering

If you need additional supporting information post-enrolment, VETenrol can manage that too.

Use a customised workflow to request any desired additional supporting information via a link in your confirmation email. This link can also enable your students to complete any outstanding elements of their submission online.

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