View and report on your international enrolments with VETtrak’s new CRICOS functionality. CRICOS

Efficiently Report On International Student Progress

VETtrak’s CRICOS feature is a new innovation, that allows for the recording and reviewing of your international student data.

CRICOS functionality is an available add-on feature available for customers on enterprise licences. Simply send an email to to request CRICOS and we will assist in the set up.

Meet CRICOS Compliance

VETtrak’s innovative new CRICOS functionality was developed for a number of reasons:

  • To assist a CRICOS registered provider in meeting their compliance requirements.
  • To provide improved facilities within VETtrak to record CRICOS specific information.
  • To assist in the monitoring of student progress and attendance.

VETtrak’s CRICOS feature is a new set of menus and wizards in VETtrak to allow for the recording of CRICOS-specific information in VETtrak.

Specifically, it allows the user to:

  • Record specific information about the CRICOS-registered RTO
  • Record specific information about the courses registered as CRICOS courses
  • Record specific information about agents
  • Create Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) records for CRICOS students
  • Create records for leaves of Absence, Deferrals, Suspensions, Terminations and Change of Courses for a CoE record.
  • Flag a student as “At Risk” through an “At Risk Assessment”
  • More easily monitor course progress and attendance of students
  • Export files from VETtrak to update change of details information in PRISMS, and import reports from PRISMS into VETtrak to populate CoE records

Manage International Agents and Pre-enrolment

We’ve extended our support for CRICOS providers further.


Manager your Interntional Students from application to enrolment with VETembark’s International Student enrolment.