Integrated Employments Services Future

Technology's role in an integrated employments services future 




The market is changing.

The Australian employment services market is facing a shift in the way it supports job seekers into employment while maintaining a sustainable proposition into the future.

With the New Employment Services Model (NESM) directing a significant proportion of job seeker caseloads to digital services and focusing providers on the delivery of enhanced services, providers are being challenged to design and deliver a service model that will support job seekers with complex vocational and non-vocational barriers while more closely engaging employers and maximising financial outcomes.

In the whitepaper, we cover:


Service Integration

How providers will be in a position to achieve high performance through connections provided by purpose-built systems and tools.

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The Job Seeker Lifecycle

Ways providers can deploy integrated services across the job seeker lifecycle to deliver innovative and efficient Enhanced Services.

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The Future

What the future employment of employment services looks like for job seekers and providers as they transition to the New Employment Services Model and beyond.

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