Technology Considerations for Public Employment Services

International learnings from the Australian experience




Creating a system that works.

Global public employment services face rising complexities due to expanding partnerships and the demand for workforce adaptation. The Australian example underscores the pivotal role of technology in delivering cohesive, effective services to all stakeholders.

With decades spent maturing the delivery of employment services using a fully contracted out employment services model, stakeholders in Australia have recognised the need to develop and utilise technology platforms and tools that facilitate cohesive service delivery, and that meet the needs of public funders, employment services providers and their staff, employers, as well as our shared job seeker customers.

In the whitepaper, we cover:


Purpose-built Tech

Public employment services in Australia has benefitted from having access to technologies purpose-built for the specific needs of providers within the employment services market.

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Employment Outcomes

The purpose of technologies built for employment services comes down, ultimately, to the realisation of employment outcomes.


Tech Vendors

Employment services providers in Australia are clear one of the key ingredients in their success with technology is the relationship they have with their technology vendors.

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