What you need to know for TCSI

TCSI has arrived!

TCSI has replaced the Higher Education Provider Client Assistance Tool (HEPCAT) for all education providers and the Centrelink Academic Reassessment Transformation (CART) for universities.

The TCSI project intends to build an ecosystem for education providers that will be simpler and more intuitive to use, improve data availability, resolve system deficiencies and reduce duplication.

From a student’s perspective it will make Services Australia student claims simpler and improve payment accuracy.


TCSI and JR Plus

JR Plus is registered with Govdex and has been a part of the TSCI working group since the start of the project in 2018, up until the transition in March 2021.

JR Plus, ReadyTech's next generation student management software for Australia's VET and Higher Education providers, now allows for accurate data reporting to relevant government entities via the established TCSI requirements.

JR Plus supports both the file extract and API TCSI reporting methods.


What is required from you as an education provider?

All training providers that report data through the HEPCAT system are now required to use the new TCSI system to report data to the Australian Government. 


What's next?

For HEIMSHELP based resources on what to expect from the reporting requirements, the following options are currently available online:

There is also a collection of FAQs available on the government-provided TCSI Support website, which can be viewed here.

We also recommend you register for HEIMS Collections eNews and updates to keep up to date with this project.