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Empowering Diversity: Supriya Joshi, Head of Technology, Education & Work Pathways, ReadyTech, Champions Inclusion within the Workplace

As the world comes together to celebrate International Women's Day, the spotlight shines on remarkable women whose journeys #InspireInclusion. Among these women is Supriya Joshi, the Head of Technology at EWP, ReadyTech. Her story is not just a narrative of personal triumphs but a testament to the power of diversity and inclusion within the technology industry and beyond. 

Supriya stands as a beacon of empowerment and inclusivity. Her journey in technology was fuelled by a passion for problem-solving, rooted in her childhood fascination with puzzles and games. She shares, "I love solving problems. Since I was a kid, I was very much interested in puzzles and games. That inspired me to pursue a career in science and technology as there are a lot of interesting problems to solve in this space." 

As she progressed in her career, Supriya found fulfilment not in isolated milestones but in the collective achievements of the diverse and competitive teams she has been involved with. "I am proud of all the various high-performing teams I have been a part of and helped build good software. My colleagues have taught me so much throughout my journey, and that has shaped who I am and how I approach my work." 

Reflecting on the evolution of gender diversity in the tech industry, Supriya notes the positive changes. "I feel happy to see a lot more awareness now in terms of diversity compared to when I started. There are a lot of pathways available for females to enter the tech industry and many programs built at the grassroots level." 

However, she acknowledges the challenges faced as a woman in the tech field, particularly when being the only female in a team. Supriya's approach to overcoming these challenges is marked by optimism. "I approached it with a positive mindset and worked towards creating awareness and removing the bias in my team members by educating them." 

For aspiring women in industry, Supriya offers valuable advice: "Build your tribe to get support whenever you need. Actively ask for mentoring and coaching. Be confident and vocal." 

When discussing the best approach to inclusion, Supriya recognises the existing opportunities but emphasises the need for a paradigm shift. "There is a lot of opportunity available in the tech industry to accommodate everyone. However, there is not enough acceptance and acknowledgment for the need for diversity and inclusion, especially at the executive level." 

She calls for a change in mindset within the tech industry, advocating for openness to inclusion at all levels. "Today, the majority of tech companies still do not have enough diversity in the executive teams. A paradigm shift is required in the tech industry to be open to inclusion at all levels. Coaching and guidance will help facilitate this paradigm shift." Supriya Joshi's journey in technology exemplifies not just professional success but a commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse environment for all women in their careers.