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How a preconfigured approach can accelerate time to value

Managing the various functions of a local government can be a daunting task. From financial management to human resources, procurement to asset management, local government organizations have a multitude of responsibilities that require efficient and effective solutions.  

An ERP system can consolidate all these functions into a single platform, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity. However, the process of implementing an ERP system can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. That’s where preconfigured solutions come in. Below, we’ve outlined some of the benefits of implementing preconfigured solutions that are built specifically for the Australian local government landscape: 

1. Preconfigured solutions save time and speed up implementation

Traditional ERP implementations can take months or even years, requiring an extensive amount of effort and input from all stakeholders involved. Preconfigured solutions, on the other hand, come with templates and workflows tailored to the unique needs of local government entities. You no longer need to start from scratch. 

Such templates are based on years of best practices and lessons learned from successful Council ERP implementations, which result in a faster implementation process. Thanks to a preconfigured approach, organisations can accelerate their ERP implementation and rapidly start using the system's functionalities. 

2. Reduce implementation costs and risks


The traditional approach to ERP implementation requires a lot of customisations, integrations and development. These factors result in escalating implementation costs and a higher risk of failure. By contrast, preconfigured solutions offer a cost-effective alternative.  

With preconfigured solutions, local government entities can achieve a high degree of customisation without additional coding and development efforts. Moreover, preconfigured solutions have built-in controls, workflows, and validation rules, reducing the risk of errors and enhancing system reliability. 

3. Best practices and standards


A preconfigured approach is designed to align with best practices and standards governing local government ERP implementations. Preconfigured solutions address the most common issues councils face, such as compliance with legislation and regulations, data security and reporting. Local government entities can avoid common pitfalls and ensure that their implementation adheres to the latest industry standards. 

4.Scalability and flexibility


Preconfigured solutions offer scalability and flexibility, enabling organisations to adapt and evolve their ERP systems as their needs change over time. Preconfigured templates provide a solid foundation for a solution, which can be configured and enhanced to meet specific, local needs.  

Templates can accommodate new functionalities and integrations, without requiring a complete overhaul of the system. Councils can add new modules according to their needs, making the ERP solution scalable and adaptable for the future. 

5. Preconfigured solutions embody a "ready-to-go" solution


Preconfigured solutions embody a "ready-to-go" solution that eliminates the need for heavy customisation.  

George Town Council, who recently started implementing ReadyTech’s Ready Community preconfigured solution, built for local governments, said the “best practice implementation approach is ideally suited to accelerate our time to value”.  

George Town’s General Manager, Shane Power, added: “Ready Community will allow us to streamline operations, reduce response times, and provide our community with a simple and intuitive way to access services and information. By enhancing our digital capabilities, we will create a more responsive, flexible, and customer-centric organisation," 

Preconfigured solutions offer a faster, cost-effective, and reliable way of implementing ERP solutions for Australian local governments. They allow councils to quickly and accurately align their ERP system with their unique operational needs, while benefiting from industry-standard processes and practices and the deep domain expertise of the vendor; thereby reducing implementation risks and total cost of ownership. Preconfigured solutions save time, money and provide a solid foundation to ensure that local government organizations leverage their ERP system to drive efficiency and productivity. 

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