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The ReadyTech story

The ReadyTech story 

At ReadyTech, our reason for being is to help communities thrive. Our heritage is in technology for the Education sector, starting in 1998. We discovered that Education shares a lot of characteristics with the Government & Justice sectors in terms of requiring deep domain expertise and solving complex problems for our technology customers. We felt we could add value and make a difference. 

In expanding to develop our Government & Justice segment, we looked to partner with businesses who shared like-minded philosophies, which is why the combination of Open Office, IT Vision, Open Windows and McGirr Technologies made so much sense.  

By bringing these technology offerings together, we not only offer broader product sets and continuity for customers, it also support us to do more for you through fresh thinking, shared resources and scale benefits. 

Across all our customer sectors, there’s three key principles that we live by - and I want to share these with you, so you know what to expect as part of the ReadyTech family:

1. People-Centric Technology

We believe that society continually needs innovative solutions to solve new and emerging challenges. We know we can’t stand still and that to keep up with community expectations and be truly customer-centric, we need to be listening closely and relentlessly innovating. 

On top of that, we also know that technology alone is not enough and to achieve the best outcomes, it’s about people. That’s why we bring the power of a people-centric approach putting people - citizens, students and employees - at the centre of products. Our promise is to be  ready to put people first.

2. We’re a partner (not just a vendor) 

Our objective is always to develop long-standing and meaningful partnerships with our customers. We’re not a transactional vendor and we prefer to see everyone winning. We specialise in deep vertical technology so we can develop products that closely meet the needs of our customers and be highly responsive to emerging needs over the long term.   

Our people are also our secret sauce, they are industry experts who have a deep understanding of the verticals they are operating in. That helps our customers feel understood and navigate challenges by working side-by-side to ensure you succeed. Expect our people to be ready to do the work. 

3. We believe in being open and connected 

We are in the middle of a technology integration revolution. Driven in part by the uptake of SaaS, it is no longer possible or even desirable for one tech partner to do everything. Instead, being open and connected is everything. That’s why we bring an open architecture philosophy, that makes it easy to connect with your other systems and ensure you can achieve the optimal technology environment. 
This open and connected approach means our customers have ultimate flexibility and choice. They can better manage change and be more agile. We put our customers’ needs first, and partner with them to deliver a solution that best suits them. 

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