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5 Voice of VET stats apprenticeship providers should know

ReadyTech recently released its Voice of VET RTO Industry Report for 2022. Every year, this report sheds light on the opportunities and challenges facing Registered Training Organisations, as well as trends that affect apprentices and trainees in their formal learning and training.


What did the 2022 report have to say about apprentices specifically? Here’s 5 headline stats.


1. Most RTOs saw course demand for apprentices and trainees rise


Support was directed towards the apprentice and trainee sector across the economy during the Covid-19 period. A huge 51% of RTOs saw this increase the demand they experienced for apprentice training, while 50% also saw demand rise in the trainee space.


This across the board increase in training demand was only trumped in RTOs by the 55% of businesses who experienced a rise in demand for accredited short courses and skill sets. In addition, 54% also experienced a demand increase for non-accredited micro credentials.


2. RTOs have more apprentice and skills training on the priority list


A signifiant proportion (11%) of RTOs named more skills and apprenticeship training as their greatest opportunity for the future. This was beaten only by more online or blended learning (20%), new enrolments (12%) or new market and sector growth (12%).


3. RTOs are engaging with industry to improve student job outcomes


A huge 78% of RTOs surveyed in ReadyTech's Voice of VET this year said that they engage with industry to match their education and training products to the real needs of industry, with a desired outcome of improving their student job outcomes at the end of the course.


Their interest in outcomes didn't stop there. A 44% slice of providers said that they connected graduates with potential employers, 36% actively sought employment opportunities for their students, and 32% tracked graduate employment outcomes to improve their operations.


4. Improving employer engagement is an important for their future


A large proportion of RTOs (86%) say improving employer engagement is a critical aspect of their efforts to improve their training value proposition for students into the future. It was second only to the 92% of RTOs who say staff talent and training was the most important.


This was followed by student learning plans (83%) and student employability skills (78%).


5. Student experiences are a high priority for the future


Digital transformation is a high priority for 69% of RTOs. Of those doing transformation, 80% said improving student experience is a high priority for their digital transformation program.



To download the Voice of VET RTO Industry Report 2022 click here.