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4 themes of focus for NESM-era technology

Employment services technology providers need to be ready when the NESM era begins in 2022.


That’s why ReadyTech, working collaboratively with our customers, has already begun to refine our product direction, so we can deliver the most future value for our customers and their job seekers.


Here are 4 key themes the team at Job Ready are thinking about that have our customers talking.


1. Action planning and progress tracking


Establishing a plan of action tailored for each individual jobseeker will be critical in the NESM era.


With a need to maximise the use of new progress fees, providers will need to ensure they are effectively tracking progress as required. This will determine where jobseekers are and when they have met progress milestones so providers can maximise payments and business sustainability.


2. Consolidated workflows


Employment services providers want to consolidate their workflows across jobseekers caseloads.


By streamlining and standardising their process and centralising their service as much as possible, providers will enable their team to focus on the most important tasks to get the job done better.


Job Ready believes there will likely be a lot of staff with specialist roles under NESM. They will need to be able to surface and focus in on the information they need when they need it through software.


3. Attraction and engagement


Employment services providers work with a range of different stakeholders, including employers and community organisations, while DES providers have needed to entice jobseeker caseloads directly.


This makes a provider’s attraction and engagement approach increasingly important. Providers need solid systems to support their efforts and make intelligent reporting on those activities simple.


4. Compliance and mutual obligation


Employment services providers will need to stay on top of ongoing jobseeker mutual obligation requirements when the new NESM era begins, just like they did under the jobactive contract.


This means they will need to continue to be confident in meeting their compliance and reporting requirements and make sure they are engaging jobseekers on their obligations into the future.


The ReadyTech roadmap


These 4 themes (and other considerations) are feeding into ReadyTech Job Ready roadmap.


By engaging with our community of customers and stakeholders to solve problems, determining a strategic direction that maximises the value we deliver to providers, and undertaking custom development as and when required, we are supporting provider readiness for the future.


When it comes to NESM, technology needs to be as job ready as the jobseekers we service.


Interested in learning more about how we help employment services providers activate, support, place and retain jobseekers? Learn more here.