Australia’s VET Sector Ramps up Digital Transformation in the Wake of the National Skills Agreement

ReadyTech today launched its fifth annual Voice of VET Report that uncovers the key priorities for vocational education and training industry (VET) providers, revealing there is a concerted effort to increase student enrolment and retention in 2024. This is particularly timely given the National Skills Agreement – a united commitment from the Commonwealth and NSW Government to deliver quality education and training - is now enforced, which could mean a brighter future for the education of Australians.

The findings show 61% of VET providers consider digital transformation a high priority, with primary goals listed as improving student experience (73%), increasing employee productivity (71%), and enhancing digital service delivery (65%).

At the same time, 44% see AI as an opportunity for their Registered Training Organisation (RTO), however, only 20% say that their RTO has a defined AI strategy or plan. This highlights a need for forward planning when it comes to AI deployment to ensure that it is trained on ethically, sanitised data and built with security at the core given the personalised student/employee data required. It is clear that AI would aid in improving personalised experiences tailored to a particular learning or teaching style.

There is also an emphasis on staff training with 91% of RTOs agreeing that improving staff training is crucial for enhancing the student experience. This is followed by priorities such as industry/employer engagement, student learning plans, and student well-being programs.

“For far too long, Australia has grappled with workforce shortages, hindering progress and growth across critical industries,” said Trevor Fairweather, General Manager of Education at ReadyTech. “The findings of our new report highlight the commitment of the VET sector to put in steps to bridge skill gaps and enhance employment opportunities. And with the introduction of the National Skills Agreement, this is a huge step towards bolstering Australia’s workforce. From ReadyTech’s perspective we have invested in R&D to ensure the technology is there to support the changing needs of the VET industry.”

The report highlights the challenges VET providers have faced in the last year:

  • The average number of students enrolled in RTOs slightly decreased from the peak of 896 in 2022 to 875 in 2023, highlighting the urgent need for more initiatives to attract new enrolments.
  • This decline comes as the VET sector faces challenges such as lack of staffing resources, skills and training, and rising costs. This is in contrast to 2022, where by far the biggest challenge stated was the transition to learning online, and thus less classroom or workplace training.

However, despite these challenges, the future looks promising for 2024, with four-fifths of RTOs expecting revenue to increase or remain stable. When asked what is their greatest opportunity, RTOs see new market, sector growth, and marketing as the number one, followed by providing new and better courses.

This optimism underscores the resilience and adaptability of the VET sector as it navigates through the changing landscape of skills training and workforce development.

“A high-performing VET sector is crucial for achieving a fairer society and a stronger economy,” continued Fairweather. “Digital transformation remains pivotal in enabling RTOs to drive positive outcomes for students and employers, ultimately helping to shape a prosperous future for our nation."

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