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Tasmania Government, Department of State Growth Utilise Ready Contracts (powered by Open Windows)

Customer overview

The Tasmanian Government is the governing authority of the Australian state of Tasmania. Tasmania is one of the six states of Australia and is located south of the mainland. The judicial branch consists of the Supreme Court of Tasmania, the Magistrates Court, and other lower courts. These courts are responsible for interpreting and enforcing the laws of Tasmania. In terms of size, the Tasmanian Government employs around 28,000 people across various departments and agencies. The government's budget for the 2021-2022 financial year was approximately $8.1 billion.

The challenge

The Department of State Growth operates in a largely outsourced environment and spent over 2 years sourcing a complete agency solution to manage its road construction and maintenance, professional services, bus services and other miscellaneous contracts with various suppliers. Department of State Growth required a solution that could support their environment of;

- Over 700 contracts
- Annual contract value of $200 million
- Diverse range of agreements; from small contracts with suppliers such as stationers, to  large road works contracts

The Solution

Ready Contracts (powered by Open Windows) provided a flexible system to support off-site workers access via wireless laptops and web browsers and for the majority of employees that work out of the ‘traditional’ office. The Tasmanian Department of State Growth went to tender for a Contract Lifecycle Management solution. ReadyTech was pleased to deliver a successful bid to implement our Ready Contracts solution.

Project Result

The Ready Contracts (powered by Open Windows) contract management solution enabled the Department of State Growth to maintain a single repository for all contracts, providing easy access to key contract stakeholders across the organisation and ensuring the reliability of the contract data. The solution also ensured the department adhered to Government Procurement Guidelines, providing an audit trail and accountability of all data and communications including details of relationships with suppliers, as well as maintaining no milestones or renewals were missed. The Department of State Growth has future plans to expand the system across the organisation and develop further integrations.


''We chose Ready Contracts (powered by Open Windows) not only for the complete solution approach, but also for their willingness to customise the product in accordance with the department’s business needs and the ability to integrate with our finance and document management software.''

Tasmania Government - Department of State Growth