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Transforming contract management for St Vincents Health Australia

Customer Overview

St Vincent’s Health Australia provides health and aged care services across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, managing 44 facilities comprising:

- 6 public hospitals;
- 10 private hospitals;
- 24 aged care facilities;
- 3 co-located research institutes; and
- 1 co-located partner facility

The Challenge

Ease of use was a major factor for St Vincent's Health Australia when selecting the most appropriate solution to meet their needs. When considering the different types of users for the system, together with the number of different applications within SVHA that any one user needs to access each day, it was extremely important that the solution selected was user friendly and intuitive.

St Vincent’s Health Australia has more than 44 facilities across three states and required a solution that could identify contract coverage and ownership across multiple business units and physical locations. Cloud capability was imperative to ensure the solution was accessible across all parts of the organisation.

The solution

St Vincent’s Health Australia introduced Ready Contracts (powered by Open Windows) in early 2022, with the aim of providing a centralised Contract Management System (CMS) to increase the control and visibility of contracts across the St Vincents Health Australia group.

Project Result

Ready Contracts was initially implemented for use by the Group Procurement team who manage agreements that are used across the multiple hospitals, aged care, community services and business support divisions within SVHA. This team reached their target of loading over 200 of their largest agreements into the system within the first 2 months of use. Since this time, St Vincent's Health Australia has expanded the roll out of Ready Contracts to enable key staff in their subsidiary organisations to also use the system to capture and manage their own agreements and associated documents. The take up of the solution has been strong with the solution now being used daily, managing more than 500 contracts and thousands of associated contractual documents.

“ReadyTech has quickly become the source of truth for all contractual information. The online dashboards within Ready Contracts now provide real time views of the number and value of contracts across different parts of the group, by supplier, by category and several other key metrics which are used in senior management conversations and decision making.”

Rodney Splitt | Group Non-Clinical Procurement Manager