ReadyTech exists to help communities thrive.

Leading ASX-listed technology company, ReadyTech (ASX:RDY) focuses on delivering mission-critical SaaS solutions to defined markets, such as State and Local Government, in which it has deep market expertise.

That’s why a partnership with Open Office, IT Vision and Open Windows made so much sense.


Open Office acquisition forms government segment


Open Office has a rich 30+ year history delivering end-to-end ERP software to government. It is the only solution on the market that is built with the customer at the centre, using leading edge SaaS-first, mobile-first technology to enable governments to take a customer centric approach and provide the superior experience their communities expect.

Open Windows adds best of breed procurement  

Open Windows has been Australia’s most trusted procurement and contract management software specialists for 28 years. Its end-to-end procurement solution provides customers with unmatched best-of-breed contract management functionality, as part of either a standalone solution or a complete ERP ecosystem.

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IT Vision completes ReadyTech government offering


IT Vision are regional local government specialists, with 190+ ERP customers leveraging its software to run their business. Throughout its 30 years in the industry, it has built lasting partnerships with customers through deep domain expertise and fit-for-purpose local government software.

All are longstanding stalwarts of the industry and have an ethos of building innovative people-centric software that helps Australian government organisations navigate complexity, while delivering meaningful outcomes.

ReadyTech partnered with these businesses in 2021 - 2022 to form its government segment and provide the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise SaaS offering.

The path forward will support customers with the same software and people they love, but backed by the resources, R&D investment and leading technology that has made ReadyTech famous.

Drawing on its success in its education, work pathways and workforce solutions segments, ReadyTech will help government customers to accelerate adoption of next generation technology, by providing an option that suits all customers’ needs.

Providing customers with unparalleled flexibility and choice, ReadyTech will continue to put customers’ needs first, and partner to deliver a solution that drives success.

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Our government brands

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Our government brands

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