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Ready Resilience’s AI-backed attitudinal assessment unearths individual attitudes towards a desired outcome.


Through analysis of thousands of data points, Ready Resilience can provide a highly accurate probability score of a person being in employment within the next 12 months. This probability score measures progress toward employment: essential for future funding claims. Our Attitudinal Surveys help providers direct job seekers to the right intervention at the right time, improving outcomes by 42%.

Why Ready Resilience?



Deliver a fast, easy to use survey that can be completed in minutes from anywhere, on any device.


Our survey tool was created using the latest in psychology and neuroscience to assess and predict human behaviour.


Monitor engagement rates at scale to help you focus your attention where it matters most, saving you time and money.

How it works

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Deliver three minute, twelve-question assessments to people wherever they are on-the-go. A probability score of employment likelihood is generated, helping to measure progress toward meeting employment goals.

2 v2


Segment cohorts based on their level of psychological readiness and stage of behaviour change. This helps providers refer their job seekers to timely, appropriate interventions to improve their likelihood to find and keep meaningful employment.

3 v2


Deliver targeted support and interventions to support individual progress towards an outcome. Our highly accurate attitudinal surveys are informed by more than a decade of research and analysis of rich data from over 250,000 participants.

“Attitude, or psychological job readiness, is the greatest predictor of a job seeker’s likelihood to return to work.”


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Journal of Vocational Behaviour (2019 in press)


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