Inspire action with Digital Activation Module (DAMs) videos, coaching guides, and digital workshops targeted at an individual’s level of psychological readiness.

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Create real change by empowering your case managers and mentors with videos, articles and coaching tools such as our DAMs and digital resilience workshops. These programs are highly targeted while also being able to be delivered at scale – improving an individual's mindset, driving efficiency, and delivering tangible outcomes to support the job seeker journey.

Why Ready Resilience?



Deliver a fast, easy to use survey that can be completed in minutes from anywhere, on any device.


Our survey tool was created using the latest in psychology and neuroscience to assess and predict human behaviour.


Monitor engagement rates at scale to help you focus your attention where it matters most, saving you time and money.

How it works

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Support individuals

Support challenged individuals to overcome barriers to change with behavioural science-backed digital resilience coaching and workshops. Allocating the correct resources to those most in need minimises the risk of dropping out of employment, wastage, and frustration from employers.

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Maximise potential for change

Match digital interventions with the readiness of individuals. Employment Services Queensland and Job Futures data shows that sustained 13-week outcomes are increased by 105% when Stage-of-Change specific interventions are used.

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Address barriers

Help individuals capitalise on strengths and think differently about common barriers to change. Our coaching guides provide targeted insights on a job seeker’s attitude, provide motivating statements, and give supporting principles to help progress your job seekers to meaningful employment.

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