Digital Activation Modules (DAMs)

Harness behavioural science, innovative technology and data analytics for student, apprentice and jobseeker success






Deliver an evidence-based, digital-first experience

Driving sustained outcomes is not straightforward. The results are most often influenced by your students', apprentices', or jobseekers' attitudes towards a course or a program.

That's why we developed Digital Activation Modules (DAMs). DAMs enable human services providers just like you to deliver engaging personalised support – helping your students and jobseekers achieve their education and work goals.


How do we do it?



Get to know your students and jobseekers better and predict who is 'at risk' through an AI-backed attitudinal assessment test.


Based on the data from the attitudinal tests, segment cohorts based on the level of psychological readiness and stage of behaviour change.


Inspire action with DAMs – digital video resources, personalised and targeted at an individual's level of psychological readiness.

Effectively manage human motivation at scale

Esher House's DAMs helps you support the management of human behavioural change in any setting – education, skills, or employment pathways.

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Self Service

Give your students or jobseekers total control and support of their assessments at the palm of their hand.

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Improve complex intervention support that allows you to focus on delivering enhanced services.

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Significantly improve outcomes with digitally engaging videos resources and targeted support.

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