Strengthening Australia's workforce

Promoting inclusive workplaces and empowering individuals with disabilities through meaningful employment.



Partnering with DEA to enhance workforce participation and inclusion through best service practices. 

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We advocate for fairness, striving to ensure equal opportunities for every individual

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We actively support DES service providers in achieving positive employment outcomes

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We uphold best service practices to support and empower all members of the community

Supporting Australia's employment service providers

Thank you for connecting with us at the DEA Conference 2024!

As proud Gold Sponsors of DEA 2024, we loved meeting passionate individuals and engaging in meaningful discussions. If you missed us at the conference or would like to continue the conversation, we'd love to connect.

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Our expertise in the DES Sector


ReadyTech, Australia's premier provider of management technology for Disability Employment Services (DES), has been developing technology for employment service providers for 25 years. Our purpose-built system, Job Ready and Ready Resilience has been created specifically to enable success in DES. Bringing together everything from AI-driven behavioural science insights, to automations and integrations that streamline end-to-end operations, our team of experts are committed to enhancing service models and fostering employment outcomes for people with a disability.

Helping employment services providers deliver meaningful work opportunities, with over 60% of Australia’s job seekers currently using our flagship pathways technology.

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Make compliance an integral part of how your staff work, from alerts that prompt them to complete appointment notes to appointment activity streams that keep job seekers up to date and in the know. 

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Digital-First Technology

Watch as automation and workflows do the grunt work for you, ensuring you reduce time spent on lower-value tasks and are redirecting staff energy into finding and placing people into suitable pathways. 

Data Reporting v2

Data and Reporting

Get smarter about case management success with market-leading diagnostic features and utilise a suite of tools for operational efficiency and complete oversight. 


Harnessing behavioural science, innovative technology and data analytics to drive employment outcomes for job seekers.

Digital First

Digital First Experience

Deliver an autonomous, innovative and digital first experience for job seekers and provide engaging and targeted support, helping you deliver remarkable increases and sustained employment outcomes with Digital Activation Modules (DMAs). 



Prescriptive Analytics

Intervene your job seeker at the right time with academically-validated Assessment of Work Readiness (AWR) tool and uncover exact job seeker’s commitment to employment and recommended innovative and person-centric resources. 

Open API

Open API

Seamlessly integrate with your NESM CRM through a plug and play open API, allowing you to harness the full power of data analytics and give you the confidence to make informed decisions.  

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