Coming soon! Solution Spotlight Video Series

We are excited to introduce our Solution Spotlight video series, created specifically for the Swedish market. The series will showcase how our Job Ready solution can help you achieve superior outcomes for your clients. Stay tuned for more information. 

Swedish Webinar Series 4


Discover how Asuria Sweden is unlocking potential with Job Ready.


By tuning into our on-demand webinar, you will gain insights from our panel as they explore Asuria Sverige's decision-making process and their preparations for the successful launch of Job Ready. Learn more about our exclusive product with an informative demo presented in Swedish, along with a detailed roadmap overview. Watch now to discover how Job Ready can help you achieve superior outcomes. 


Why Job Ready?


Easy to configure & easy to use

Letting your team spend less time on admin, and more time working with clients to achieve meaningful employment outcomes


Purpose-built for the employability sector

Supporting all key aspects of your service delivery models, and allowing for seamless integration with existing IT systems

compliant v2

Built to help you be compliance first

Ensuring your team meet compliance requirements always, and make compliance second nature, without manual effort 

predictive chart

Predicts outcomes using its own data

Helping you determine the highest at-risk jobseeker cases with accuracy, and plan timely and effective interventions

Why Ready Resilience?


Backed by research

Ready Resilience leverages data and insights based on over 100,000 individual assessments and tens of thousands of academic papers and increase job outcomes by 42%.

Insight v3

Deeper attitudinal insight

Determine a person's commitment to work or study using peer-reviewed, validated assessment tools that unlock real mindsets and attitudes. 

Productivity v5


Understand and convert client attitudinal data into actionable knowledge, ensuring your resources are directed to the job seekers set to benefit most from actionable supports.

Actionable interventions

Actionable interventions

Ready Resilience’s assessments and Digital Activation Modules (DAMs) support intervention at all activation stages in the job seeker journey, allowing you to provide timely interventions. 



Customer Testimonial


"Job Ready provides all the functionality you need to manage your client’s full lifecycle and meet contractual compliance requirements effectively and efficiently.

The out of the box trackers, reminders and alerts ensure you never miss deadlines or revenue claims and aid in forecasting and measuring performance.  Job Ready is easy to use and configure and creates amazing efficiencies in your processes and workflows."


Julia Starkey — Digital Solutions Manager, AKG

Key Features

case study 2

Case Management

Manage client records, mentoring and documentation within one single, easy-to-navigate platform

crm 2

Employer CRM

Source, recruit and engage employers with advanced CRM tools including reverse marketing and hierarchies

website 1

Jobseeker Portal

Empower jobseekers to view open vacancies, manage their documentation, and access curated resources with minimal fuss

technical support 1 v2

Post Placement Support

Meet the post placement needs of each client with custom schedules, visual status reporting and tailored interventions 

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