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Product Features

4 v12

Student Success

Explore how VETtrak Cloud provides a seamless experience for both students and admins.

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6 v13

Finance & Analytics

VETtrak Cloud makes it easy to run invoices, smart-fees, automated reports for compliance and more.

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2 v5

Tech & Security

We take data security seriously. See our credentials and some of our advanced tools like automations.

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Student Success


  • A streamlined student recruitment process with simple tools for everything from enquiries, enrolments and alumni management

  • Offers a clear and easy-to-manage Kanban view in a consolidated student CRM

1 v11


  • Simple to manage enrolments
  • Flexible form building technology for creating specialised enrolment forms
  • Dedicated Sales Hub gives visibility on leads and prospects
  • Pre-enrolment custom forms
  • CRM tools for communicating at scale
2 v7

Scheduling & Resource Management

  • Schedule events at individual level, course level or system level
  • Can run reports to see exactly what stage your plans are at and what's ahead
11 v2

Course Managament

  • Handle timetabling, accreditation, student pathways, staff rostering and more using automated workflows on one dashboard – ultimately reducing errors and saving your time & efforts
10 v3


  • Full-range of attendance recording options
12 v2


  • Supports all national standard outcomes and custom outcomes
  • Can be graded on range-based outcomes
  • Outcomes can be configured at student course or system level
4 v14


  • Bulk-process certificates with ease
  • Includes QR code technology
  • Allows for full integration with Credly for providing digital credentials and badges
6 v15

Finance & Analytics


  • Run all your invoices, quotes, payments, including smart fees and more in the Finance Hub
  • Manage deferred revenue and easy automated reporting for improved compliance
  • Allows for import/export and API integration capabilities for finance systems
  • Allows for integrations with payment gateways
13 v3

Reporting & Analytics

  • A wide range of standard reports are available for use within VETtrak Cloud
  • Customers can utilise our Report Builder tool which takes care of reporting in the background, automatically emailing you your reports, saving time and effort each report cycle
14 v2

Tech & Security


  • Our always live API allows integrations with a wide variety of different products from finance to learning management systems
  • We use an open-integration system which means you can connect your own APIs too
17 v3


  • Save time on repetitive and time-consuming tasks with Automations
  • Just set an automation up once and it's one less thing for you to worry about
  • Gives you the ability to create automatic emails, notes and documents
  • You choose what triggers the automation and VETtrak Cloud looks after the rest
18 v2

ISO 27001 Certification

  • Our security is backed by international standards of best practice, meaning all of your information and assets are secure
19 v2

Cloud Based Solution

  • Enjoy a modern, intuitive and feature-rich experience available to students and admins via their computer or phone browser anytime, anywhere
  • Our partnership with AWS means you can take advantage of world-renowned reliabilty and security

Premium Data Hosting

  • World-leading reliability and security provided through our partnership with Amazon Web Services
  • AWS stores all data within Australia and utilises an end-to-end approach to secure and harden our infrastructure, including physical, operational, and software measures

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