No. 1 in Australian Apprenticeships Support

About JR Active

JR Active helps Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) providers achieve mastery over the complete apprenticeship life-cycle.

With over two decades of experience building apprenticeship management software to solve industry-specific problems, JR Active combines the power of automation with the potential of true client partnership to ensure AASN providers thrive in this modern and mobile age of apprenticeship support.


What sets us apart?


The system of choice for AASN providers to manage everything from training contracts and sign-ups to incentive and loan payment processing

Purpose built

Twenty years of experience building apprenticeship management technology for the industry and helping providers with the full apprenticeship life-cycle from lead to completion.

Productivity and growth

Ease the administration burden using an intuitive system built for automation and productivity and capitalise on opportunities with a CRM designed exactly for how your industry works

Compliance and communication

Conquer compliance with tools like training evidence collection, audit reporting and payment predictions while making communication modern and mobile with self-service portals and SMS messaging.