Ready Contracts launches Contracts Approval App

Ready Contracts (powered by Open Windows) is delighted to announce the official release of its brand-new Approvals App!

Available for all Ready Contracts clients using version 8 and above, the Approvals app will allow procurement, contract, and commercial managers to action time-critical approvals on the go.

Pushing the approval process to a mobile device is the logical next step for Ready Contracts’ product offering, which has helped hundreds of Australian organisations proactively automate and manage their contract lifecycle through its desktop application.

“Cycle times for important sourcing and contract management events will be drastically shortened as a result,” said Russell Doig, General Manager – Operations at Ready Contracts. “We anticipate this will save users several hours per week in time that they can now dedicate to other activities.”

“We built this app as there is a genuine need to be able to receive, evaluate, and action approvals while users are away from their desks, whether they are in a meeting, or out on site. Taking immediate action wherever you are by actioning an approval, avoids the risk of approvals being lost or forgotten, and gets tasks happening faster.”

Warren Shaw, Director, Client Engagement at Ready Contracts is excited about the new level of productivity and efficiency clients will enjoy with the Approvals App, which is one of many new enhancements in the pipeline for users.

“The new Approvals app allows busy people with responsibilities to approve documents, payments, variations, requests, and decision points within key procurement and contract management business processes,” Shaw said.

“Ready Contracts is committed to continually delivering productivity enhancements to its clients through technology enablement. Contracts Approvals is central to our product roadmap strategy in enhancing benefits realisation for our clients.”

Ready Contracts’ strategy is to provide apps where appropriate for native UI on phones to improve users’ ability to complete important tasks, and also to enhance the desktop experience where it makes sense for a user to perform a task on a larger screen over a longer time period.

“Mobility makes sense for some tasks, and not for others,” Shaw said. “Ready Contracts clients are about to see the work we have been doing on the core desktop application with the release of Contracts 9.”

“The new user experience is significant across the entire application. Contracts 9 represents significant R&D and a transformation in efficiency for clients.”

Ready Contracts clients can now download Contracts Approvals and commence their free trial via the Apple App Store, or Google Play.


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