Port Pirie Regional Council launches Single Sign On (SSO) for Altus

Port Pirie Regional Council is the first IT Vision customer to adopt Single Sign On (SSO) for their Altus solution.

The South Australian customer has been working alongside our team to implement SSO and multi-factor authentication across their digital systems to improve the user experience as well as improve their information security measures.

SSO is an authentication method that allows users to securely sign in to multiple related yet independent target applications and websites using a single set of credentials. Users are only required to sign in once to access various applications the organisation uses if they have permission. For example, a user would adopt one set of credentials to log into Altus, Office 365 (i.e. Outlook), and their internal intranet.

Having SSO implemented successfully is crucial for ease of accessibility and convenience for the user. One key goal of SSO implementation is reducing password fatigue, with users only needing the remember one set of credentials consisting of their work email and a strong password. SSO also improves security by reducing the risk of being targeted by cybercriminals since users sign in once a day.

Darren Stevens, ICT Manager at Port Pirie Regional Council, reflected on the project of implementing SSO with IT Vision.

“It was much quicker and easier than I expected to implement. SSO will really help our users to protect them from password fatigue, especially our outside workforce,” said Darren.

In implementing SSO for Port Pirie, IT Vision utilised Azure Active Directory to ensure staff automatically had the correct permissions to their Altus products via their new SSO log in. The SSO solution provides Port Pirie staff with access to Altus Infringements (desktop only), Altus Bank Reconciliation and Altus Mobile Customer Service with just one set of log in details. SSO can also be utilised for the Altus Financial Suite and Altus Procurement.

Deputy Manager of Software Development at IT Vision, Jeanene Williams, said the Port Pirie project was a great success and the first of many SSO implementations ahead for IT Vision.

“Port Pirie Regional Council were an excellent customer to work with. They understand the importance of information security and worked closely with our team to implement SSO in only a couple of hours,” said Jeanene.  

SSO can only be implemented for clients with a working Office 365 or Azure AD environment. For more information on SSO, contact sales@itvision.com.au