IT Vision and DevelopmentWA get the Greenlight

IT Vision has taken up an exciting new project with DevelopmentWA for the provision and development of Greenlight, a modern online permit management system.

DevelopmentWA is the Western Australian Government’s land and development corporation, established to develop land for both commercial and residential purposes and build the state’s social and economic prosperity, with work spanning consultancy, project management, equity involvement, and joint venture.

The organisation currently uses a simple SharePoint interface to manage workflows including development applications, local development plans, structured plans, and sub-divisions. However, their current interface has limitations with workflow, data validation and reporting capabilities.

In addition to strengthening internal workflows and efficiencies, DevelopmentWA have been looking to modernise and streamline how its customers, staff, and referral agencies interact. Sasa Podinic, Information Technology Manager at DevelopmentWA, says the move from Sharepoint has been impending since 2019 when LandCorp and the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority merged to become DevelopmentWA. “At the time of the merger, MRA had a bespoke solution with SharePoint but it was no longer suitable,” says Mr. Podinic.

As proposed by IT Vision, the Greenlight platform offers an ideal solution to realise DevelopmentWA’s goals. Greenlight is a leader in online application lodgment and tracking solution and services with a focus on government and the private sector. The platform’s solution is designed for development application management, but its form and workflow design allow it to leverage any application management process.

IT Vision is delivering the implementation, training, and project management for Greenlight, with Project Manager Mark Harris leading the delivery. “It’s one of the bigger rollouts of Greenlight that we have done to date, which is exciting,” says Mr. Harris. “This is a cloud-based solution accessible via the Internet for both internal staff and their customers, which means a user can be anywhere and get the same experience. It’s especially good to have now with people working remotely as it removes the need for a VPN or other means of remote access.”

As part of the discovery process, DevelopmentWA held workshops on their current processes with 3 suppliers, of which IT Vision was one. Based on the workshops which were followed by supplier demonstrations and proposals, Greenlight was selected. “Greenlight was the most cost effective and ranked 1st across our four criteria which were cost, user experience, functionality, and reporting,” says Mr. Podinic.

Among its many outlined benefits, Greenlight’s external site will provide DevelopmentWA with significant improvements in both time and effort by prompting applicants to fill out application information prior to submission, attach relevant documentation, and lodge payments online. Comparing this to a paper-based application process, where internal staff need to review, enter data, scan, and receipt applications, the external site’s functions are expected to save 2 to 4 hours of processing time per application.

Additional key features of Greenlight include:

  • Automated workflows
  • Standardised communication and processing logic
  • Document management and stamping capabilities
  • A modern user experience, with an external facing web solution that pulls the CSS themes of DevelopmentWA’s website.

We are pleased to be working with DevelopmentWA on this new venture, with project completion expected in February 2023.