Altus Payroll Expands to Shires of York and Lake Grace

We’ve welcomed two more clients to the Altus Payroll platform this year: the Shire of York and the Shire of Lake Grace.

Altus Payroll is a cloud-based people management platform that combines payroll and human resources needs to increase employee engagement, inform strategic decisions, drive efficiency and reduce internal expenses and administrative time. A highly intuitive platform, it is designed for use across all industries and can be customised to suit your organisation’s unique, specific needs.

Altus Payroll is Single Touch Payroll compliant. Features include mobile apps for timesheet entries and clocking, leave applications and related approvals, customisable user security, integrated third party payments, and integrated superannuation reporting and payments. The Shire of Lake Grace’s Finance Officer Nicola Ruchling was taken with the platform immediately after first seeing it during a visit to the IT Vision office in Perth nearly 2 years ago.

"From a payroll point of view, we thought Altus was great and exactly what we needed."

Nicola Ruchling, Finance Officer
Shire of Lake Grace 

“We were very much paper-based still and seeing a system that everyone could do from their phones was perfect for us.”

Lake Grace had to wait for budget approvals up to August2021 at which point the project could get started with IT Vision in early 2022. Since launching in May, Nicola says they have already seen increased efficiency in a short amount of time.

“We had outside crew doing paper timesheets daily so I would have to scan them and enter them in manually,” she says. “It’s so much more convenient now and has cut my processing time down by half.”