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JR Plus to provide new generation learning with GO1

Beginning in 2019, JR Plus will use GO1.com to deliver integrated online training for new and existing clients of student management system JR Plus. JR Plus is currently used by leading brands in the higher education, international education, enterprise training, and RTO markets.

Through GO1.com, JR Plus will ensure users can access a full online library of in-depth training and resources on JR Plus, allowing them to take better advantage of the system’s full suite of evolving features, while also helping them to deliver on their primary education mission.

“JR Plus is a complete student management system for education that continues to evolve to ensure our clients stay in front of the pace of change,” JobReady commercial director James Hourn said.

“After 20 years helping our clients adapt and grow, we’re taking this exciting step forward to allow them to take advantage of online product training delivered when and how they want it.”

Mr Hourn said GO1.com’s advanced online delivery model will mean clients will receive unrivalled learning and support throughout the customer journey, whether they are currently implementing JR Plus, or are looking to realise more business value from the system as a long-term JR Plus user.

“By giving clients the learning vehicle they need to unlock JR Plus, we are supporting them in running a better business and helping them provide the best possible education for their students as well.”

GO1.com CEO and co-founder Andrew Barnes said the partnership with JobReady was a natural fit for both companies who both strongly believe in the power of education to advance Australia’s future.

“GO1.com has a track record of partnering with innovative providers like ReadyTech to deliver education and training that makes the possibilities of online delivery real for their users,” Mr Barnes said.

“By helping facilitate the growth and utilisation of JR Plus across Australia’s globally renowned education sector, we believe we are doing what we’ve always set out to do at GO1.com - allowing people to achieve their career dreams and live more fulfilled working lives now and into the future.”