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How VERTO is revitalising student management by embracing JR Plus

VERTO is a provider of training, apprenticeships, employment and disability employment services, as well as financial counselling, tenancy advice and other skills services. Operating 26 sites across NSW and Victoria, its mission is to better the lives of people in the communities where it has a presence.


VERTO’s RTO delivers Certificate and Diploma qualifications, skill sets and tailored industry-based training to over 5000 students a year in multiple learning verticals, helping trainees, jobseekers, the underemployed and employed career changers improve their lives through learning and skills.


The challenge


In 2018, VERTO discovered it was underutilizing the wide range of capabilities available to it in the JR Plus Student Management System. Although it had been using JR Plus for some time, a new Training Services Operations Manager established that the knowledge and skills needed to get the most out of JR Plus did not exist within the current VERTO team. This meant the usage of JR Plus had not expanded significantly beyond some basic student enrolment processes and compliance.


VERTO set out to expand and more fully embrace the system’s potential to improve administration efficiency and student experiences. VERTO was particularly interested in the automation of manual processes and student communications through the student lifecycle, so that it could streamline operations and further engage students. It also wanted to build more ‘connective tissue’ with the JR Plus customer success and support teams to ensure it had the knowledge to take JR Plus further.


The solution


JR Plus undertook to revitalize its customer service and communications approach for VERTO to support better understanding and utilization of JR Plus. It worked with VERTO’s team to expand the uptake of capabilities like automation to improve end-to-end administration and operations efficiency, minimising the burden of manual tasks and creating more streamlined student service. In particular, it worked on the enrolment process to ensure a student has a streamlined experience with VERTO from the outset, to ensure the best possible engagement and student outcomes.


VERTO's favourite features



The ability to track financial revenue across students and contracts is described by VERTO as a ‘significant plus’, including the ability to filter and extract target data.


UX and UI

JR Plus is described as ‘visually engaging’ and ‘easy to navigate’ for students and staff finding information or performing actions, including its ‘coulorful’ dashboards.



JR Plus meets VERTO’s requirement for an ISO27001 Information Security Management Standard level of data protection, ensuring student data privacy.



JR Plus provides seamless integration with VERTO’s Learning Management System, helping VERTO achieve things like automated pre-population of student Training Plan data.



VERTO is increasingly utilizing templated communications within JR Plus to streamline student emails and letters and will likely expand this to include SMS in the future.



VERTO describes support as ‘key’ to ensuring system adoption and success and says JR Plus service and support is strong after improving significantly over time.



The result


VERTO has actively built new efficiencies into its student journey, leading to improved student administration outcomes. Positive results mean it will continue to expand its use of JR Plus to encompass aspects like CRM in future to further consolidate and streamline its operations.



VERTO manages training programs for students across 26 sites spread across metro and regional NSW and Victoria.



Over 5500 students enrol in VERTO’s training every year, ranging from full qualifications to single units of competency.



VERTO aims to positively transform the lives of individuals, families and communities.


What VERTO says


“In the future, we want to use JR Plus for everything we do in relation to student administration. JR Plus has the ability to automate and simplify day-to-day operations in relation to students and their data; for example, it allows us to meet compliance and organisational reporting requirements like financial reporting by enabling seamless data collection. For the automation and streamlining of day-to-day operations, JR Plus meets all the needs of an RTO like us and then some.”


Rebecca Green, Operations Manager Training Services, VERTO



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