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Are you Paying Too Much for your Source-to-Contract Solution?

Selecting the best source-to-contract software for your business can be an arduous task – one riddled with seemingly contradictory requirements. You want something comprehensive yet user-friendly. Accessible but secure. Agile, while adhering to business-specific processes. Packed with features that will simultaneously future proof your business, while generating speedy ROI.

Accounting for each of these elements can render the solution selection process exhausting and complicated – especially when your business is seeking to recover from our current economic climate. Or, you may have already invested in a multi-million-dollar solution, or multiple solutions.  Many businesses lock themselves into a contract and purchase additional add-ons in the hope that the more money they spend on a solution, the stronger – and swifter – the gains will be. When you consider the many challenges and threats faced by organisations enacting a large-scale digital transformation strategy, spending extravagantly to ensure success seems like an apt risk to take.

But is the risk truly worth the million-dollar investment? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your solution take more than 1-2 years to generate ROI?

  • Do you need to leap over countless hoops just to access and input important contractual information?

If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, your current solution may lack the accessibility, ease-of-use and visibility required to help your business make better decisions, form better relationships, and ultimately succeed.

A cost-effective solution might be the way to go.

In the source-to-contract stratosphere, there are cost-effective solutions available that deliver the business benefits needed to ensure your success – like the Ready Contracts Modular Procurement Suite. 

Ready Contracts is extensive in capability, but not in cost or implementation.

Having developed from its original on-premises solution to its current, cloud-based inception, Ready Contracts is now available under a low-cost yearly subscription.

For over 30 years, the Ready Contracts (powered by Open Windows) solution has helped hundreds of commercial and public sector organisations reshape their source-to-contract processes – and in turn, heighten their level of success. Ready Contracts makes managing, accessing, and viewing important information easy, and allows users to build and adhere to business-specific processes on a single platform. In its current cloud-based form, implementation is quick and easy, allowing users to swiftly reap the benefits of the solution itself, generate a faster ROI, and futureproof their business for years to come.

Choosing the right source-to-contract solution will go a long way in setting your business up for the future, and gaining quick, immediate wins today. The right solution, however, isn’t necessarily the most expensive, or large-scale, or globally recognised. The best solution for your business is the one that will help you eliminate the hurdles towards success, by empowering you to proceed along the source-to-contract journey freely, proactively, and with minimal fuss.