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9 critical considerations for choosing a TAFE technology partner

Today’s TAFE leaders need to be discerning when choosing technology partners for the future.


With the vocational education and training landscape changing faster this decade than in any other in our experience, TAFE institutions need to be supported by technologies and partners that are ready for the challenges of our times.


What indicators do TAFEs need to consider if they want to make the right choice?


ReadyTech’s footprint across Australia's TAFE, VET and workforce training sectors gives it a good vantage point from which to look at some factors TAFEs need to take into account when selecting a future-ready technology partner.


Here are 9 worth considering for TAFEs that are looking to evolve for the future of learning and work.


1. Does your provider 'get' TAFE?


TAFE institutions have different characteristics to other education and training providers, whether that’s vocational education and training, higher education or workforce development. TAFEs benefit from working with technology partners that have recent experience understanding, building for and implementing complex modern TAFEs.


How ReadyTech delivers


ReadyTech’s student management technology footprint spans three leading Victorian TAFEs. Our team's experience engineering SMS platforms for complex TAFEs (including Bendigo Kangan Institute, combining metro and regional operations) means we hold the modern playbook for a fast, productised SMS implementation for TAFE.



2. Choosing a true cloud native


TAFEs will need to leverage the advantages of true cloud SaaS into the future.


From consolidating multiple systems and saving on IT hosting, infrastructure maintenance and security management, to the ability to iterate modern student experiences through agile development and share data through a growing ecosystem of API-connected systems and tools, cloud is best placed to deliver value in a changing world.


How ReadyTech delivers


ReadyTech made a strategic move towards building cloud-first student management technology almost a decade ago, well before the wake-up call that is Covid-19. We now offer a mature, tested combination of infrastructure and experience in navigating successful enterprise transitions to the cloud (including in the Victorian TAFE sector).


3. A custodian of data at scale


TAFEs need to be confident they are entrusting their data to technology partners who can ensure it is not only ready to perform all of the necessary core, mission-critical tasks required like compliance and reporting across Australia, but is also actively protected by advanced information and cybersecurity certifications, practices and culture.


 How ReadyTech delivers


ReadyTech has been a trusted custodian of data across multiple industry verticals for two decades.


The ACT Government, for example, trusts us to build and manage the system used to manage their entire state apprenticeships program, while every apprentice in Australia goes through our management system for Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) providers. We protect it with global standard information security management (ISO 27001).


4. Plugging into private sector sensibilities


The future may see TAFEs asked to seek out new sources of revenue and adjust their models to increase financial sustainability over time. From course viability to potential new revenue sources like fee-for-service, TAFEs may be called on to deploy the entrepreneurial thinking of private VET businesses as they evolve into the future.


How ReadyTech delivers


Being the vendor of choice for 1200+ Australian private sector VET RTOs gives ReadyTech deep insights into how today's educators are surviving and thriving in competitive education markets. Our systems are tuned to help providers maximise profitability through efficiency on the one hand and business model innovation on the other.


5.  The proximity part of partnership


TAFEs should never settle for a technology vendor that operates at a distance. The best future outcomes will be realised by TAFEs who ensure their technology partner is right there beside them on the ground, working in close proximity to them as part of their team as they encounter and solve problems in real-time.


How ReadyTech delivers


ReadyTech’s partnership approach to implementation and service is engaged and embedded. Our team operates in the trenches with TAFEs. We aim to embed our expertise to support TAFE technology teams through complex transitions in ways that maximise the value of technology and minimise project risk.


6. Data for delivering student experiences


Student experience is one area where the TAFEs of tomorrow will differentiate themselves. As they digitally transform, TAFEs will increasingly seek to deliver engaging and empowering experiences throughout the student journey, from enrolment and learning right through into work experience and even alumni engagement.


They need to know their provider has experience manipulating data to deliver valuable student insights.


How ReadyTech delivers


ReadyTech is a leader in helping providers manage, surface and utilise data to enhance student experiences throughout the TAFE student lifecycle to promote better learning and employment outcomes. We are uniquely positioned to leverage data across a range of areas including VET, apprenticeships and behavioural science.


 7. Ecosystems for integration and innovation


Because TAFEs sit in different geographies with different employment and community needs, their technology needs are by no means one size fits all. To maximise flexibility and impact, TAFEs can benefit from the integration capabilities of an ecosystem that brings new education technologies, tools and value to the table.


How ReadyTech delivers


ReadyTech’s next generation student management technologies combine the consolidation advantages of a single enterprise system with the interoperability and innovation-ready openness of a system that lives in the EdTech ecosystem, allowing TAFEs to move faster and curate the technology solutions that suit them.


8. A full-spectrum view of skills


TAFE institutions don’t live in isolation. They sit in the middle of a learning and skilling and milieu that spans channels from the VET market and apprenticeship pathways, to higher and international education, as well as workforce capability development. Experienced insight into technology and innovation in these sectors advantages TAFE.


How ReadyTech delivers


ReadyTech has a unique footpint in the crucial nexus between training and employment across TAFE, vocational education and apprenticeships, international and private higher education, state government and skilling in some of our nation’s largest employers. This translates into valuable insights and data that can support TAFE into the fuutre.


9. Invested in the future of TAFE


Above all, TAFE customers need a technology partner that makes the future of their sector a central commitment for their business. With a future that will require ongoing experimentation and adjustment to meet skilling needs, TAFEs need partners that are there for the long haul and focused on the success of their sector.


How ReadyTech delivers


As demonstrated by recent news at ReadyTech, our engagement with three leading TAFEs shows our commitment to growing with the sector. Our value of ‘helping communities thrive’ aligns with TAFE’s mission of delivering learning pathways that result in employment opportunities for individuals and a skilled workforce for Australia.


Interested in learning more about how we help TAFE providers with next generation enterprise student management technology? Learn more here.