Why Meaning and Purpose Matters in the Future of Work with Darren Coppin

The WorkED Podcast – Why Meaning and Purpose Matters in the Future of Work

What do we really know about meaning and purpose? Why do we feel like we have less of them than ever? Is there any way we can bring more meaning and purpose into everyday education and work?

On this episode of WorkED Marc Washbourne sits down with behavioural science extraordinaire Darren Coppin from Esher House to enter the realm of meaning and purpose and come back with new understandings of their importance in our working lives and the health of society as a whole.

From the modern day existential vacuum and its causes, the components of meaning and how using our character strengths can help get us closer to it, we explore subjects as diverse as philosophy, evolutionary psychology and social media to take the pulse of meaning in Australia in 2019.

Does work make us miserable – or does it actually give us meaning and purpose? Could happiness ever be as easy as popping a pill? And what can death teach us about living in the here and now?

 Find out the answers to these questions and more on this episode of WorkED.

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