ReadyTech aiming big with BusyBeans program


ReadyTech has expanded its corporate social responsibility program through participation in AimBig Employment’s BusyBeans initiative, which supports motivated job seekers living with disabilities into the world of work.

Over the last three months, ReadyTech has taken on three part-time employees as in-house baristas across its Sydney and Melbourne offices.

Providing the job seekers with a supportive environment in which to experience work, learn new skills and contribute to a workplace, the program has been extremely well received by both participants and ReadyTech staff.

ReadyTech CEO, Marc Washbourne, said the BusyBeans program was a natural fit for a company that created technology for back to work programs and employment services providers, including those specialising in disability employment.

He said that BusyBeans participant Naomi, who works in ReadyTech’s headquarters in Pyrmont in Sydney, has had a wonderful impact on the people and culture of the office.

“Naomi started working with us in May 2019. Although she’s only with us for three days a week, Naomi has quickly built a rapport and strong relationships with the team in our Sydney office.

“Not only is she a talented barista who makes a great coffee, she also has a contagious smile which has definitely brought an increased sense of positivity and improved morale within our workplace.”

Naomi said she was enjoying working at ReadyTech because of the people she worked with, the work environment and the skills she was gaining as a barista and as an employee in the workplace.

“I’ve been really happy here – it’s a better environment than where I’ve worked in the past. It’s a big change, it’s different, but I’m learning something new, I’m involved with a lot of different people from different age groups, and I’m enjoying it way more than my old job,” she said.

Naomi said she hoped the skills and experience she has gained as part of AimBig Employment’s BusyBeans program at ReadyTech would help her build a career in hospitality in the future.

“Eventually over the years I’d like to work my way up the ladder; start working in a cafe, save some money and maybe one day start a cafe or a restaurant of my own,” she said.

ReadyTech also employs BusyBeans participants Kane in its Melbourne office and Bella in Parramatta. Aussiepay General Manager Daniel Wyner thanked Bella for her commitment.

“Three months ago, Bella joined our ReadyTech team after years of trying to find employment. She’s brought happiness, enjoyment, a sense of community and of course coffee to the team.

“There’s no better way to start the day than seeing Bella’s smiling face first thing in the morning ever so happy to make a coffee and be part of the team,” Wyner said.

AimBig Employment’s BusyBeans Program is designed to help job seekers living with a disability build the skills and capacity they need to become job ready in a supportive, practical environment.

AimBig trains job seekers up as baristas and matches them with matches them with companies who are looking for a professional in-house coffee service while supporting their development.

General Manager of JobReady, Tony Jones said: “We employed our first person living with a disability over six years ago and have been looking for ways to expand as it was so rewarding. We’ve been partnering with AimBig since we collaborated last year in the national AccessAbility Day. Since then we’ve solidified a positive working relationship through our mutual organisational values and support for empowering people to find and maintain employment.”

ReadyTech is a long-term technology provider to the disability employment sector, where it supports employment services providers in their quest to help job seekers just like Naomi find meaningful work. ReadyTech does this by providing purpose-built software systems for these providers.

“And now, our positive work experience with both Naomi, Kane and Bella and with AimBig Employment has encouraged us to consider further expanding our activities in this area. With offices across Australia we are open to supporting more people with a disability into work because of the value they can provide our team and the positive impact we can make on their lives. We would strongly encourage all employers in Australia to focus on ability, not disability, and open up their businesses to these types of opportunity,” Jones said.