Finding Your ‘Second-Half Hero’ with Mark Hodgson


The WorkED Podcast – Finding Your ‘Second Half-Hero’

The working world we all inhabit is more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous than ever, something that can be particularly challenging when we reach our 40s and 50s. Could career reinvention through finding our ‘second-half hero’ be the answer for us and our organisations?

On this episode of WorkED Marc Washbourne sits down with one of his personal mentors, Mark Hodgson, for a bracing look at the risks we take as individuals and organisations by sitting still – as well as the hope, happiness and sense of opportunity we can all rekindle by committing to career and self-reinvention.

From the role that self-awareness, curiosity and courage can play in turning disengaged managers into leaders that inspire change, to what it takes to make it as a solopreneur outside the confines of the corporate and institutional world, Mark offers deep insights he argues will be more relevant than ever in 2020.

How can we avoid turning into the ‘grumpy old person in the corner’? How can our essence and humanity marry with our hard-earned experience and expertise to propel us into a greater career flourishing? Most importantly, can we all choose to become our own ‘second-half hero’?


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ReadyTech aiming big with BusyBeans program


ReadyTech has expanded its corporate social responsibility program through participation in AimBig Employment’s BusyBeans initiative, which supports motivated job seekers living with disabilities into the world of work.

Over the last three months, ReadyTech has taken on three part-time employees as in-house baristas across its Sydney and Melbourne offices.

Providing the job seekers with a supportive environment in which to experience work, learn new skills and contribute to a workplace, the program has been extremely well received by both participants and ReadyTech staff.

ReadyTech CEO, Marc Washbourne, said the BusyBeans program was a natural fit for a company that created technology for back to work programs and employment services providers, including those specialising in disability employment.

He said that BusyBeans participant Naomi, who works in ReadyTech’s headquarters in Pyrmont in Sydney, has had a wonderful impact on the people and culture of the office.

“Naomi started working with us in May 2019. Although she’s only with us for three days a week, Naomi has quickly built a rapport and strong relationships with the team in our Sydney office.

“Not only is she a talented barista who makes a great coffee, she also has a contagious smile which has definitely brought an increased sense of positivity and improved morale within our workplace.”

Naomi said she was enjoying working at ReadyTech because of the people she worked with, the work environment and the skills she was gaining as a barista and as an employee in the workplace.

“I’ve been really happy here – it’s a better environment than where I’ve worked in the past. It’s a big change, it’s different, but I’m learning something new, I’m involved with a lot of different people from different age groups, and I’m enjoying it way more than my old job,” she said.

Naomi said she hoped the skills and experience she has gained as part of AimBig Employment’s BusyBeans program at ReadyTech would help her build a career in hospitality in the future.

“Eventually over the years I’d like to work my way up the ladder; start working in a cafe, save some money and maybe one day start a cafe or a restaurant of my own,” she said.

ReadyTech also employs BusyBeans participants Kane in its Melbourne office and Bella in Parramatta. Aussiepay General Manager Daniel Wyner thanked Bella for her commitment.

“Three months ago, Bella joined our ReadyTech team after years of trying to find employment. She’s brought happiness, enjoyment, a sense of community and of course coffee to the team.

“There’s no better way to start the day than seeing Bella’s smiling face first thing in the morning ever so happy to make a coffee and be part of the team,” Wyner said.

AimBig Employment’s BusyBeans Program is designed to help job seekers living with a disability build the skills and capacity they need to become job ready in a supportive, practical environment.

AimBig trains job seekers up as baristas and matches them with matches them with companies who are looking for a professional in-house coffee service while supporting their development.

General Manager of JobReady, Tony Jones said: “We employed our first person living with a disability over six years ago and have been looking for ways to expand as it was so rewarding. We’ve been partnering with AimBig since we collaborated last year in the national AccessAbility Day. Since then we’ve solidified a positive working relationship through our mutual organisational values and support for empowering people to find and maintain employment.”

ReadyTech is a long-term technology provider to the disability employment sector, where it supports employment services providers in their quest to help job seekers just like Naomi find meaningful work. ReadyTech does this by providing purpose-built software systems for these providers.

“And now, our positive work experience with both Naomi, Kane and Bella and with AimBig Employment has encouraged us to consider further expanding our activities in this area. With offices across Australia we are open to supporting more people with a disability into work because of the value they can provide our team and the positive impact we can make on their lives. We would strongly encourage all employers in Australia to focus on ability, not disability, and open up their businesses to these types of opportunity,” Jones said.

ReadyTech launches digital credentials technology for Australian providers of education and training

For immediate release: ReadyTech (ASX:RDY), a leading provider of people management software for educators and employers, has moved to support the shift of Australia’s education and training market toward a more digital future with a new partnership that will enable the rollout of digital credentials.

Partnering with market-leading, US-based digital credential provider Credly, ReadyTech will offer vocational education and training (VET) and higher education providers using the ReadyTech family of student management systems the ability to create and issue digital credentials for past and present students.

ReadyTech aims to support its 1,500+ education customers in adopting digital credentials to recognise bite-sized packets of learning and demonstrated skills, and boost student completion rates by charting more motivating learning pathways along the student learning experience.

Providers will also be able to develop their brand and market presence through the sharing of digital credentials among ‘digital native’ student cohorts online, and will gain flexibility to boost employability through aligning training and recognition with the real needs of employers.

ReadyTech CEO Marc Washbourne said digital credentialing, or ‘badging’, was enabling many educators around the world to better co-design relevant training with employers and turn ‘learners into earners’ by readily recognising the attainment of knowledge and skills that are of genuine value within a fast-changing global employment market.

“Digital credentials have been talked about in Australia for some time. With today’s more tech-savvy students and the profound shift towards recognition of more discreet packets of learning and skills that are of value to employers, we want to support education providers to seize this opportunity now.”

Washbourne said providers could use digital credentials to become more agile, with the opportunity to grow their education and training businesses into new areas of student and employer demand.

“While digitally recognising ‘micro’ learning and skills that are accredited under existing education frameworks will be a primary focus for many providers and a powerful step forward, digital credentials also give providers the added flexibility to recognise ‘alternative’ skills.

“Given the pace of change in today’s employment market and repeated calls for educators to deliver a workforce equipped with the hard and soft skills necessary for performance in their roles, we believe digital credentials will give educators a new avenue for market-aligned growth.”

Through its Acclaim platform, Credly helps education and certification providers create and issue digital credentials that connect people to opportunities based on their demonstrated talents and capabilities.

“ReadyTech’s new digital credential initiative signals a forward-thinking approach to supporting the education providers that use its student management systems,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO of Credly. “Together, we are eager to empower more education and training providers in Australia to issue valuable digital credentials that not only assist in recognising and engaging students as they learn real skills but help them achieve professional success.”

“Credly’s commitment to this partnership extends to include the support and development services provided by our Asia Pacific partner – Everitas.”

Everitas Founder and Director, David Kinsella commented: “We’re very focused on ensuring comprehensive local advice and support to ensure the ongoing success of the Credly/ReadyTech collaboration, and excited to be associated with these two leading education innovators to deliver the benefits of 21st century skills communication technology to many stakeholders across the region.” 

Download the press release here.

For more information contact:

Ben Abbott
Media relations
+61 468 787 803


About ReadyTech:
ReadyTech is a leading Australian provider of SaaS technology for educators and employers managing the complex human journey through study, work and career transitions. ReadyTech provides people management software to over 3,600 educators, employers and facilitators of work transitions. Bringing together the best in student management, apprenticeship management, payroll and HR admin, employment services and behavioural science technology, we support the development and success of tomorrow’s workforce.



About Credly: Credly is helping the world speak a common language about people’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. Thousands of employers, training organizations, associations, certification programs, and workforce development initiatives use Credly to help individuals translate their learning experiences into professional opportunities using trusted, portable, digital credentials. Credly empowers organizations to attract, engage, develop, and retain talent with enterprise-class tools that generate data-driven insights to address skills gaps and highlight opportunities through an unmatched global network of credential issuers.



Axis or afterthought? What the underpayment crisis should teach us about payroll


The underpayment problems being faced by leading brands shows businesses need to better understand payroll complexities and make payroll an axis of success, not an afterthought.

A string of Australian organisations have recently suffered problems with employee underpayments. With headline figures in the tens or even hundreds of millions, each incident has inevitably led to a storm of negative publicity and a simple question. How did leading brands get it so wrong?

While each circumstance differs, the sheer number of incidents involving these brands tell us many organisations still lack the depth of understanding required to ensure payroll is done right and that it is not receiving the level of attention and emphasis it deserves as a core business process.


What are businesses doing wrong to cause wage underpayments?

Australia has been on a long journey of change in payroll compliance. The Australian Industrial Relations Commission (the forerunner of today’s Fair Work Commission) began the process of rationalising the Awards system across Australia to create a series of national ‘modern Awards’. Commencing in January 2010, it managed to slash an unmanageable number of 1500 to just 122.

While this process has simplified the Awards landscape, this has not been met with a parallel rise in understanding or focus on compliance within many organisations. While the Awards rules exist, it is often the understanding of these Awards and the way they are applied – either consciously or unconsciously – within the workplace that determines if employees are being paid correctly.

In many businesses, what we have seen over and over again is a lack of understanding and follow-through when it comes to the importance of understanding Awards and compliance with them. In larger and more complex businesses with a larger number of employees, often what has been missing is a fundamental granular understanding of all employee roles and applicable Awards.


What can businesses do to avoid underpayments in future?

When organisations talk about their employee offering, often the focus is on staff engagement or creating ‘a nice place to work’. While these are very important considerations, the underpayment crisis is reminding us that payroll is a critical core process businesses need to get right first.

If a business is not paying its people correctly then the truth is the rest doesn’t really matter.

Businesses need to reassess where they and their staff stand when it comes to payments. What that means is they need to get back to emphasising key staff understanding of the Awards that staff are being paid under and the conditions that are covered by those Awards. Are they paid correctly?

If you are talking about a larger business, who could have hundreds or even thousands of employees in different roles, employers need to be sitting down and understanding that complexity almost on a role-by-role basis, to understand the basic conditions under which these employees are paid.

Employers need to pair this with strong internal controls. While some payment breaches are being made through simple lack of review and understanding, others are deliberate, either from the top or middle management. These need to be mitigated through stronger processes and controls.

Part of the solution may mean getting external advice when needed. Recent underpayment problems in Australia have led to calls for companies to audit their payment systems and processes to ensure they are compliant and risk is managed. They may need outside assistance to get this right.

Another part of the answer may be proper training. The Australian Payroll Association claims 90 per cent of people working in payroll offices are not properly qualified through training. Emphasising the knowledge and skills required to give payroll the due attention it needs will breed better practice.

Having the right payroll system that is capable of managing the details of payroll complexity is also critical. However organisations need to focus on understanding their employee matrix before they begin to ask whether they have the right system in place or even if they should outsource payroll.


Axis of success, not afterthought

Australian businesses can no longer afford to get payroll compliance wrong. What we have learned from recent underpayment incidents in Australia is that when payroll is not well understood and controlled it could result in severe impacts on a business’ brand and public reputation.

More importantly businesses are also playing with people’s livelihood. Through underpayment, employees are denied the right to be paid fairly and equitably in line with their entitlements, to support their families and aspirations. Compliance in this context is more than ticking boxes.

There’s also the flipside: while we hear a lot about incidents of underpayment, up to 50 per cent of payroll error actually results in overpayment to employees. In the competitive business environment we operate in today, that’s money that businesses simply should not be leaving on the table.

The overall lesson is how important payroll processes actually are within a modern business. As more cases of underpayment are revealed by Australian organisations in coming months (something expected ahead of possible increased penalties that may flow from a current Government review) we are likely to see a noticeable shift from payroll as afterthought, to payroll as axis of success.

ReadyTech offers a full suite of payroll software solutions including HR3+, HR3 and ePayroll as well as managed payroll services with Aussiepay. Should you feel you need some support in ensuring your staff are paid right please feel free to

Contact us for more information.

The Digital Credentials Explosion with David Kinsella


The WorkED Podcast – The Digital Credentials Explosion

Digital credentials or ‘badging’ promises to transform education and training by turning the knowledge and skills we possess into a digital form that is more relevant to modern employers. But what does this mean for educators and are digital credentials about to explode?

On this episode of WorkED Marc Washbourne sits down with self-confessed digital credentials evangelist David Kinsella of Everitas (an affiliate of US-based Credly in Australia) for an exclusive insider’s view of the digital credential revolution about to shake up Australian education.

From what digital credentials are (and what they’re not) to how leading brands like IBM and RMIT are using them to run better businesses, Marc and David reveal the secrets of credentialing success and how savvy educators can begin to unlock their power today.

What are the ‘10 Commandments of Digital Credentialing’? What will a future with micro credentials look like in five to ten years? And what will the coming explosion mean for the way educators, students and employers will interact to create lifelong learning?

Find out the answers to these question and more on this episode of WorkED.

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ASX-listed ReadyTech expands payroll and workforce management offering through the acquisition of Zambion and WageLink.

ASX-listed ReadyTech expands payroll and workforce management offering through the acquisition of Zambion and WageLink.

  • ReadyTech has acquired two businesses that will extend its payroll and workforce management software capabilities, including advanced time and attendance and rostering capability;
  • The acquisitions will enable ReadyTech to enhance its employer customer value proposition, adapt to changing customer preferences and add to its client portfolio.

ReadyTech (ASX:RDY), a leading provider of people management software for employment and education, has announced the expansion of its payroll and workforce management offering for employers with the addition of two businesses, Zambion and Wagelink.

Already home to two of Australia’s leading payroll and HR administration providers, HR3 and Aussiepay, ReadyTech has acquired workforce management software provider, Zambion and payroll service provider, WageLink.

The acquisition of Zambion’s modern and mobile cloud software, including advanced time and attendance and rostering capability and support for both Australia and New Zealand customers, as well as WageLink’s client base, largely focused in South Australia, positions ReadyTech as a leading trans-Tasman workforce management partner for employers.

ReadyTech CEO Marc Washbourne said the addition of two complementary technology and service providers would allow ReadyTech to enhance the support it provides employers.

“With the addition of Zambion and WageLink, we are welcoming payroll and workforce management technology and services that expand our capabilities and strengthen our competitive advantage,” Washbourne said.

“With their focus on customer service and a loyal client base built by committed and talented people, the addition of Zambion and WageLink’s offerings into our available software and service suite will ensure employers have a partner that is getting them ready for the future of work.”

Zambion, based in New Zealand, has been providing workforce management technology for over 10 years. With a modern, web and app-based technology platform, Zambion will offer new and innovative capability to ReadyTech’s clients.

WageLink is an Adelaide-based managed payroll services provider that supports employers outsourcing their payroll function. Acquiring WageLink allows ReadyTech to expand the reach of its existing premium outsourced service Aussiepay.

ReadyTech Chief Executive, Employment, Daniel Wyner, said employers were increasingly seeking technology partners who could provide a broader range of services that took the complexity out of managing their employees.

“At ReadyTech we have a comprehensive suite of payroll and workforce management solutions that can meet employers where they are on their growth trajectory and give them a choice of either managing their payroll in-house or outsourcing it to a trusted provider.”

“With the future of work demanding employers get smarter about managing the employee lifecycle, ReadyTech is able to give them the tools they need to be more modern, mobile and efficient while backing it with a team of people dedicated to customer service.”

About ReadyTech

ReadyTech is the leading provider of SaaS technology managing the complex human journey through study, work and career transitions. ReadyTech provides people management software to over 3,600 educators, employers and facilitators of work transitions. Bringing together the best in student management, apprenticeship management, payroll and HR admin, employment services and behavioural science technology, we support the development and success of tomorrow’s workforce.


For further information contact

Daniel Wyner
Chief Executive, Employment
+61 466 774 512
Ben Abbott
Media Relations
+61 468 787 803

ReadyTech announces partnership with Flare HR

Flare HR ReadyTech

ReadyTech (ASX:RDY), a leading provider of people management software for education and employment, is pleased to announce a partnership with fast-growing employee engagement platform Flare HR that will augment its value proposition for Australian employers.

As businesses increasingly consider their employee value proposition, the partnership will see ReadyTech offer Flare HR’s integrated suite of employee lifecycle and benefit products to the 2000+ existing customers using its market-leading payroll and HR administration platforms.

Flare HR offers employee onboarding and engagement tools, employee benefits and wellness products as well as financial security-related support. Flare’s offering is designed to help employers focus ‘more on people and less on paper’ to create an evolutionary step change in employee engagement.

Coming in addition to ReadyTech’s existing stable of core payroll software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms HR3, Aussiepay and ePayroll, ReadyTech’s customers will be able use Flare HR’s products to create an end-to-end employee management experience that is ready for the future of work.

Marc Washbourne, CEO of ReadyTech, said: “We are delighted to agree a partnership with Flare HR which enhances our offering to employers with Flare HR benefits to help our customers better attract and retain staff. Flare’s offering is highly complementary to our core payroll and HR admin offering and strengthens further our management of the employee lifecycle.”

Dan Cohen, CEO of Flare HR, said: “People come to work generally because they have two needs – for a purpose and for financial security. By partnering with ReadyTech and their market-leading payroll solutions we can better solve employees’ financial needs.

“ReadyTech’s superior payroll platform combined with Flare HR’s financial wellbeing offering will enable us to re-imagine the way pay is managed in the workplace in a way that will really disrupt this space. We’re excited to do that alongside ReadyTech.

“The combined offerings will help businesses improve their existing employee value proposition, by enhancing it with a range of features, such as employee benefits and wellness solutions, all within their existing experience.”

Click here to download the press release.


About ReadyTech
ReadyTech is the leading provider of SaaS technology managing the complex human journey through study, work and career transitions. ReadyTech provides people management software to over 3,600 educators, employers and facilitators of work transitions. Bringing together the best in student management, apprenticeship management, payroll and HR admin, employment services and behavioural science technology, we support the development and success of tomorrow’s workforce.

About Flare HR
Flare HR provides software that manages the onboarding of new employees, benefits and other HR functions. The company offers unrivalled technical expertise and experience in building contemporary enterprise HR, payroll and financial wellness platforms for businesses of all sizes. Flare HR has won multiple awards for their software and work with hundreds of Australian businesses including Sephora, GUD, Health Engine, SocietyOne, and zipMoney.

For further information contact:
Daniel Wyner, 
Chief Executive Employment, ReadyTech
+61 466 774 512

Emily Morrison,
Flare HR+61 428 887 457

Why Meaning and Purpose Matters in the Future of Work with Darren Coppin

The WorkED Podcast – Why Meaning and Purpose Matters in the Future of Work

What do we really know about meaning and purpose? Why do we feel like we have less of them than ever? Is there any way we can bring more meaning and purpose into everyday education and work?

On this episode of WorkED Marc Washbourne sits down with behavioural science extraordinaire Darren Coppin from Esher House to enter the realm of meaning and purpose and come back with new understandings of their importance in our working lives and the health of society as a whole.

From the modern day existential vacuum and its causes, the components of meaning and how using our character strengths can help get us closer to it, we explore subjects as diverse as philosophy, evolutionary psychology and social media to take the pulse of meaning in Australia in 2019.

Does work make us miserable – or does it actually give us meaning and purpose? Could happiness ever be as easy as popping a pill? And what can death teach us about living in the here and now?

 Find out the answers to these questions and more on this episode of WorkED.

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