The Digital Tribunal:

How Modernisation Can Increase
Access To Civil & Administrative Justice

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Agile, digital systems empower more people to seek justice

Significant gains stand to be made through ongoing digitalisation of agency back-offices and tech-enabled simplification of obfuscated justice system processes. This is especially true for high-volume tribunals designed to make independent legal resolutions more accessible for the average Australian. 

The imperative to keep enhancing access to justice means digitally-enabled tribunals will become the norm. But how do tribunals determine the most cost-effective, low-risk approach to modernisation to enable efficient operations and an empowered community? 

This white paper delves into the key factors tribunals must consider to evaluate their needs and make systematic, transformative change a reality.


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Key reading themes

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Improved Access to Civil Justice:

Monash study: Australians believe access to civil justice has increased over 20 years, attributed to government information availability, mainly through the internet.

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Digital Systems for Efficiency:

Digital tribunals offer flexibility, speed, trust, and accountability, addressing concerns about delays and inefficiencies in traditional paper-based justice systems.

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Impact on Vulnerable Individuals:

Digital access critical for disadvantaged individuals: Online portals reduce knowledge gaps, empowering users to navigate the legal system confidently.

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Learn more about ReadyTech's solutions for modernising tribunals and improving access to justice

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Ready Case is a modular, cloud-based platform that brings speed and precision to judicial and non-judicial processes for cost-effective and efficient courts, commissions and tribunals.

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The Ready Case platform offers a proven way for complex justice agencies to control case workflows, keep better records, and communicate outcomes, empower the public and legal representatives to access justice online and accountably manage and report on agency resource use and results.

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Ready Case is modular and configurable, meaning you can choose the mix of features needed and tailor them to your specific use case. To find out more about Ready Case, click here.