Behavioural Science Backed Workshops to Empower Case Managers and Job Seekers


Drive employment outcomes for complex jobseekers and time-poor case managers with in-person workshops.


Case managers and job coaches understand the importance of resilience and positivity for job seekers. But there is a big gap in the skillset when it comes to being able to support complex cases build a positive and growth midset while managing a big caseload.

To help bridge this gap and to equip case workers and job coaches, Esher House provides these resilience building workshops. These workshops equip case managers handle and provide timely intervention to complex job seekers. In addition, you will get the tools to help build resilience and positivity in job-seekers, ultimately improving placement outcomes.



Maximised Benefits of Small Groups

Workshops are delivered in small groups to ensure that participants receive optimal attention from instructors and can ask questions and learn from peers in a group setting

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Choose the day that works best for your team or break up the workshop into smaller sessions.

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Tools to Empower You

Get access to behavioural science based shared activities and tools that you can use to improve resilience and positivity in job seekers, ultimately resulting in better placement outcomes.



Better Placement Outcomes


Get the techniques to help job seekers and apprentices understand their strengths and highlight those in their conversations, CVs and interviews, leading to better placement rates.

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Improved completion rates

Understand the factors that contribute to positivity and growth mindset. Use these to support job-seekers and trainees to get through a tough employment process with positivity.

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Tools to help you

Supporting complex cases can be draining on you too. Understand how you can stay positive and build resilience while supporting others during touch placements.