The Employability Hurricane with Mark Pettitt


The WorkED Podcast – The Employability Hurricane

A university education used to be about higher learning rather than getting a job. That conversation has turned upside down, with universities now caught in the eye of a new employability ‘hurricane’.

ReadyTech CEO Marc Washbourne sits down with the founder of education consultancy Edified, Mark Pettitt, to unpack the state of employability and discuss how educators can up their employability game – across higher education and vocational education and training (VET).

From the viability of teaching experiential learning and soft skills at university, to the brave new world of virtual internships, WorkED looks at the past, present and future of student readiness for work.

Do employers think today’s students are employable? Should universities double down on teaching employability, and how? Or is employability a part of the higher education lexicon that is destined to disappear?

Listen to this episode of the WorkED Podcast to find out.

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