ReadyTech is responding to the new digital transformation imperative with useful content and special assistance to support education providers. With the power of technology and advice brought together, providers can leverage digital excellence to achieve their real-world learning vision.

What’s on?

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Things to watch

EP15: Leading Digital Transformation – How to Overcome Your Institution’s Past and Make the Future Possible

What does it take to execute a successful digital transformation programme?
Watch W3 Digital CEO Mark Cameron for a ‘how-to’ look at everything from strategy and building a case for change, to the skills and capabilities, tools, models – and dollars – needed to make the future happen.

EP16: Unpacking JobTrainers

Join educonomy founder, Matthew Dale, and ReadyTech General Manager of Student Management Systems, Trevor Fairweather, for our special 60-minute deep-dive into the JobTrainer policy and potential opportunities for VET providers.

EP13: Cashflow Planning for your RTO’s ‘Snapback’

Adapt your RTO’s financial plans to adjust to the recent staffing and cashflow shocks from COVID19.Join David Jepsen from RTO Accountants to learn how you can plan your exit strategy from coronavirus, with a range of scenario planning tools.

EP14: Student Engagement and Motivation – Behavioural Science Tips That You Can Use Today

Attitude is key, but how do you judge this remotely, under COVID19 or even beforehand, when your first contact is often after the student’s attitude has already had time to form? Watch Darren to see how behavioural science informs how you can perfect your virtual coaching and remote learning delivery.

EP10: Supporting Others: Gain the skills and confidence to support someone who’s having a tough time

With the current environment of uncertainty and change, it’s possible that many people you know may be going through a hard time and be in need of support. Whether you’re worried about someone at work or a loved one at home, this 1 hour session will give you the confidence to start a conversation that could change a life.

EP12: 3 Tips That Drive RTO Profitability

Watch our webinar with serial entrepreneur and analytics enthusiast Adam Cunningham to learn how you can apply the learnings he’s used to grow his Alkhemy business by using data to drive clear-headed sales and marketing investments.

EP8: Go digital now – the future of assessment is online

Managing your business in an online environment is very different to the ‘real world’. Join Jason from MR WED as he shares tips on how he migrated his own business to a virtual model.

EP9: Self-care: restoring balance during times of uncertainty

Empower yourself and your employees to grow life skills and resilience. During this 1-hour session, you’ll be encouraged to explore what works for you while learning how to fill your tank.

EP6: Taking Your Business Remote

Managing your business in an online environment is very different to the ‘real world’. Join Jason from MR WED as he shares tips on how he migrated his own business to a virtual model.

EP7: Virtual delivery – learning the new tools of the trade 

Teaching your Teachers to deliver engaging and impactful learning remotely is now a priority. Virtual delivery has become the new industry standard. Stay ahead of the curve with Simon Mariner’s expert insights.

EP5: Choosing the right e-learning tool for you

Unsure which e-learning solution is right for your RTO? Move forward with confidence – join our panel of eLearning experts who’ll discuss and answer your questions.

EXTRA: The workplace impacts of COVID-19

What does COVID-19 mean for the way you manage your staff and what are the legal pitfalls to be aware of? Join Holman Webb Lawyers and ReadyTech when you watch this reveal-all workplace webinar.

EP3: Getting your content online

Managing your business in an online environment is very different to the ‘real world’. Join Jason from MR WED as he shares tips on how he migrated his own business to a virtual model.


EP4: Start taking online enrolments and payments

Need to move from in-person, paper-based enrolments? See how you can start taking registrations and enrolments online.

EP2: ReadyTech Special Assistance offer.

Digitise your content without being an e-learning expert. Access 4 months of FREE access to MyProfiling, a non-SCORM based learning management system.Watch the recording below.

EP1: Leading during uncertainty

Join Darren Coppin from Esher House and be armed with information, compassion, understanding and focus to ensure you and your teams are supported, resilient and productive


Our Thinking


Wellbeing information and ideas for remote teams during COVID-19
The Wellness TeamWellness Community

‘Weekly Wellness’ for wellness daily

 ReadyTech has launched a ‘Weekly Wellness’ team to support our team’s physical and mental health with regular information and tips through COVID-19 and beyond.

Are you being #remote-ok?

Staying in touch is scientifically proven to enhance wellbeing and productivity. We’re bringing staff together using a  Slack internal communications channel full of remote working tips and tricks

‘Wrap’ it up on Fridays

Team meetings don’t have to be face-to-face – nor do company ones. We’ve been ‘wrapping’ every week with a company-wide coming together online to wind down and celebrate the wins.


Your Wellness Team

Lisa Arcidiacono
Jonathon Batson
Alison Ritchie
Sarah Kirwan
Eleni Kefalas
Esher House
Sophie Fonteyne

Wellness Community 

Join qualified yoga instructor, and VETtrak’s Head of Product Alison Ritchie for a 45 min beginners yoga session, from the comfort of your own home.
She reprises Soul Train Yoga to create an accessible, friendly, and positive respite to your hump day #iso. Missed it live on Wed 15th of April? Catch-up now – just grab a yoga mat and a big beach towel.
Want more? Check out her 31 days of 10 min yoga below. 
Commencing on Monday 30th March, tune in for a week of both fun and exciting action this week as we kick off our first live streams and educational videos! Here’s when to catch the action!
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation will broadcast educational shows and mini lessons on one of its children’s channels from mid-April, with shows for primary students in the morning and high school content in the afternoon.
Ten Online Museum, Gallery and Landmark Tours That’ll Help You Virtually Get Out of the House
Five Captivating Podcasts to Help Make Your Time at Home a Bit More Interesting
Get lost in a gripping true-crime mystery, learn a new language or binge a nine-episode show about a hacker mum.
The Sydney Opera House Has Unveiled a Massive Free Digital Program of Concerts, Talks and Podcasts
Watch highlights — and never-before-seen footage — from the Sydney icon’s 47 year history from your couch.
The State Library of Victoria Has 19,000 Ebooks You Can Download and Read for Free
It also has 170,000 historical images of Victoria — including of Ned Kelly and adorable doggos — that you can spend hours virtually exploring.
Audible Is Offering a Stack of Free Audiobooks to Help Keep You Entertained While Indoors
Listen to classics like ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice’, for nada.
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