Why digital credentials?

Digital credentials enable education and training providers to transform the way they assess and recognise learning and skills. By designing, creating and issuing digital credentials educators can expand their businesses and better meet the needs of modern students and employers.

One thing ripe for change in the three-way relationship between educators, students and employers is the role of credentials – or more to the point – their digital equivalent. 

Digital credentials promise to transform education by turning real knowledge and skills into digital artefacts that are more relevant to modern employers and that can be shared more readily by modern students.

What providers can do

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You can issue digital credentials against the units, courses or qualifications you already deliver. You will still need to adhere to AQF regulatory standards but can issue digital credentials in a way that is complimentary to this process.


Create or recognise smaller pieces of bite-sized learning in line with the skills needs of employers, which can act as credit towards a longer course or qualification.


Unlock the potential of non-accredited learning or alternative digital credentials to expand your business in line with a growing shift towards work-relevant learning.


JR Plus student management system

JR Plus and VETtrak clients can now issue digital credentials directly from within their student management system. As a result of a partnership and integration with leading global digital credentials registration platform Credly, providers can issue badges for individual or cohorts of learners past and present and allow these learners to be notified of credentials, claim them and share them.


Our exclusive podcast interview with Credly’s representative in Australia, David Kinsella, on the past, present and future of digital credentials in Australia and around the world.


A deep dive into the Colorado Community College System’s implementation of digital credentials and research from the Australasian Council for Open, Distance and e-Learning (ACODE) on the status of micro-credentials in higher ed.


Our in-depth webcast with Credly’s leading global experts covering the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of digital credentials for Australian VET providers.

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