Our Intelligent Online Learning Future with Dan Fish


The WorkED Podcast – Our Intelligent Online Learning Future

The world of online and digital learning has taken on new importance during COVID-19. With the need for educators and organisations to migrate learning offerings from face-to-face to online, there’s been a rush to understand the ‘how’ of getting content to students to keep businesses running.

​​But what about the ‘why’? Where does online delivery fit in the future of work beyond the immediate needs of now?

​​GO1’s Daniel Fish has spent years working at the nexus of learning and work. As Strategy Director at online learning platform GO1 (after gaining a privileged view of the learning imperative at jobs platform SEEK), Dan has experienced how learning and the future of work can co-exist in online content technology.

      • ​​What if you had the learning you need at any stage of your career when you needed it? 
      • ​​What if this learning technology knew your interests and career aspirations as well as you do, and could filter a world of offerings to bring you the optimal learning to upskill and reskill?
      • ​​What if learning and work were connected as part of a natural ‘flow’?

​​Join Marc Washbourne and Dan Fish on WorkED as they explore the intelligent future of online learning beyond COVID-19.

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