Shire of Northam start Altus journey

The Shire’s first major project milestone is a chart of account restructure. Northam will be adopting the User Group standard chart which will make a big difference to how they manage their financial data, and will set them up for success in the new system.

Shortly after this, Altus Payroll implementation will commence, helping Northam to achieve streamlined workflows, automated award interpretations, and the ability for staff to self-serve and enter timesheets on a mobile device – anywhere, anytime.

After the Payroll rollout, the Finance Team will be implementing Altus Financials, which comes with sophisticated automation and additional features like Business Intelligence (BI) reporting. This will give the Shire of a competitive advantage, allowing them to analyse their financial data in ways they've never been able to before. 

But the Shire of Northam isn't stopping there. They're also kicking off the Altus Building, Planning, and Health modules, making managing their regulatory requirements much simpler and more efficient. The Shire is also taking advantage of Altus HR, providing a comprehensive employee management solution that will help take care of their staff, ensuring that they're happy, motivated and engaged.

With the Altus platform, we're confident that our customers are going to be more efficient, more effective, and better than ever before.  The Shire of Northam is on the move, and we're excited to see what the future holds for them and all of our customers.