Ready Contracts joins forces with leading procurement services company, Procurement Australia

Ready Contracts (powered by Open Windows) has teamed up with Procurement Australia to offer a fit-for-purpose procurement and contract management solution to Procurement Australia’s 24,000 members.

In July 2022, Ready Contracts became an authorised panel member under Procurement Australia’s National Contract 2406-0713, which provides members with access to IT products, services, and multi-functional devices.

“Procurement Australia has an impressive list of suppliers and vendors on its IT panel, and Ready Contracts enters the fold as a supplier offering members end-to-end procurement and contract lifecycle management solutions,” said Linn Klewinghaus, Client Engagement Manager at Ready Contracts.

“By accessing the Ready Contracts solution directly through this panel, members can bypass the often complex, time-consuming process of procuring a business system, and reap the benefits of procurement and contract automation much faster.”

Contract 2406-0713 was awarded through a rigorous tendering process, where solutions were evaluated to ensure their alignment with Procurement Australia’s commitment to compliance, and ability to achieve the best possible outcomes for members. This process, Linn said, “provides Procurement Australia members with an added layer of confidence in Ready Contracts’ status as a trusted provider of procurement solutions.”

“Alongside this strong emphasis on compliance, buyers purchasing Ready Contracts through Procurement Australia also enjoy maximised savings, thanks to the aggregated buying power of members.”

Procurement Australia’s member-led approach extends to its vision for “procuring a fairer world for all of us,” with its team of experts working closely with members to find sustainable, ethical solutions to procurement challenges. As part of this approach, Ready Contracts was evaluated on its Corporate Social Responsibility processes, and the level to which it consciously integrates social and environmental concerns into its business practices.

“Beyond our game-changing products, Ready Contracts’ presence on this panel demonstrates its commitment to being an ethical supplier who meets tomorrow’s sustainability standards,” Linn said.


About Ready Contracts 

Ready Contracts is Australia & New Zealand's premium provider of contract management solutions. Our comprehensive system elevates visibility of the contract lifecycle and facilitates proactive management of tenders, suppliers, contracts, and capital projects. For 30 years, Ready Contracts has empowered hundreds of commercial and public-sector businesses to take control of their contracts, enhance their value, and build compliant, business-specific procurement processes which drive transformation.

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