IT Vision partners with Salesforce

IT Vision has formed a strategic partnership with global CRM leader Salesforce to offer Local Government a way to connect with their customers in a whole new way.

With the power of the Salesforce platform, IT Vision has brought to market a Customer Experience solution that can be customised to suit any organisation’s specific requirements.

The new Altus Customer Experience suite is a solution that enables users to manage customer service and relationship management in a modern, digital, comprehensive way. Altus Customer Experience is powered by CFSuite – a Local Government optimised version of the world’s #1 CRM platform

IT Vison CEO, Nigel Lutton said the announcement was particularly exciting as it meant clients will benefit from the power of the Salesforce platform, configured to meet the specific needs of local government, while having access to extensive experience and support from IT Vision.

“Our Altus Customer Experience solution enables organisations to ‘level up’ their customer service offering by having a comprehensive single view of a customer, allowing officers to be able to view history, manage service requests and gauge sentiment more effectively.”

“Organisations will benefit from a standalone, easy to use, intuitive customer portal which will improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Customers will experience an improved level of service such as being able to select their preferred method of interaction and communication.”

IT Vision has already secured two high profile early adopter customers in the Shire of Coolgardie, WA and the City of Marion, SA with the implementation of the solution well under way at each of these councils.

The City of Marion decision is particularly exciting as it was made in collaboration with tender participation from the Cities of Charles Sturt and Port Adelaide Enfield in South Australia who plan to also transition to the Altus Customer Experience solution.

“The City of Marion had embarked upon a significant digital transformation program and prioritised customer experience as a cornerstone requirement of this program.” said Nigel Lutton.

“The selection of Altus Customer Experience utilising the power of the Salesforce CRM platform will allow Marion to meet its project objectives of delivering a Single View of Customer with significantly enhanced productivity, communication, query resolution and personalisation of service.”

“There is a distinct trend and demand in the local government market at the moment for the provision of enhanced customer engagement and experience capabilities and we are proud to be working with innovative councils such as Marion and Coolgardie that are at the forefront of these initiatives.”

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