Altus Financials hits General Availability milestone


IT Vision’s flagship Altus product Altus Financials has reached general availability, meaning the platform is complete and ready-for-use, offering cost and time savings to councils across the country.

Altus Financials is a tested and proven financial management solution built for, and in collaboration with, the public sector. The product is now available to all, with extensive documentation, training, and tools to support a successful implementation. Altus Financials is the latest addition to the Altus suite of products by IT Vision (part of ReadyTech), a comprehensive, modern, and cloud-based enterprise resource planning platform.

The Shire of Gingin was the first Early Adopter site to rollout Altus Financials in 2020. The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder was the second Early Adopter partner and went live in March 2023. As Early Adopters, both the Shire of Gingin and City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder have played an active role in shaping the Altus platform from its early research & development phase into what it is today.

“Beyond our two Early Adopter implementations at the Shire of Gingin and the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, we have our next 8 councils on board and in a stage of implementation with Altus Financials including two councils in Queensland and Victoria going live this year,” said IT Vision CEO Nigel Lutton.

“This is a remarkable start in the market and underscores the excellence of the product and its capabilities to digitally transform local councils across Australia.”

Chief Technology Officer Adrian Halid drew inspiration from cloud formations during the product discovery phase at the start of the Altus journey, specifically the altocumulus cloud, known for its diverse and dynamic appearance, and the Latin definition of alto: high, deep, noble, and profound. “Altocumulus and the Latin derivative of alto spoke to what we were looking to do and have achieved with Altus,” he says.

“We built and delivered a product that was high above its counterparts in the market, deep in rich features and functions, noble in principle and design, and creates a profound experience for our customers and their communities.”

What is General Availability?

General Availability (GA) is the release of a product to the public. When a product reaches GA, it becomes available through a business’s usual sales channel — as opposed to a limited release, or early adopter version, which is used primarily for testing, refinement, and user feedback purposes.

What does this mean for IT Vision customers?

Altus Financials is ready now! In addition to the Shire of Gingin and City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, local government authorities across the country have already started the journey to implement Altus Financials, including:

  • Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council (QLD)
  • City of Salisbury (SA)
  • Shire of Mingenew (WA)
  • Shire of Quairading (WA)
  • Shire of Cue (WA)
  • Golden Plains Shire (VIC)
  • Busselton Water (WA)

The power of Altus Financials

Altus Financials is a powerful cloud-based financial management solution which can create significant time savings for a Council. To date, Altus Financials has achieved:

  • 7 million General Ledger transactions processed
  • 243,000 purchase orders raised​
  • 3,300 reconciliations completed
  • 45,000 receipts entered​
  • 9,250 Accounts Payable Suppliers
  • 5,670 Accounts Receivable Customers
  • 9,500 invoices totalling $28.6 million