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Some seriously good reads for today’s HR and L&D leaders

Got time to read?


Probably not, if you’re an HR or L&D leader in a large, complex organisation. With Covid-19 accelerating change in workforce learning (and pushing it to the forefront of strategy), there’s no doubt you’ve got your hands (and eyeballs and brains) well and truly full.


Except, there’s some seriously great reads out there. And they could just give you an edge.


Here’s a few we’ve come across that are worth your time and attention.


1. The Transformation of L&D, LinkedIn Learning


A great place to start. This report from LinkedIn Learning brings together the biggest trends happening right now in L&D. It measures the rising influence of L&D globally, what L&D pros are doing to cope and focusing on right now, and much more. It even challenges them to push retention and mobility higher up their priority list. One headline stat? How about 72% of respondents feel L&D has become a more strategic function in their organisation. Read it!


2. ReadyTech’s interview with Aussie unicorn Go1


So this is one of ours. And it’s technically a listen, not a read. But if it’s good, it’s good right? In this podcast interview with our CEO Marc Washbourne, Go1’s Dan Fish talks about the evolution of learning and content across education and the workplace, with a focus on the growth of online learning. He talks about how the learning we’re putting into play could be smarter about adapting to individual learners and be a seamless part of the ‘flow’ of work.


3 Hybrid working 2.0, Centre for the New Workforce


Swinburne University’s Centre for the New Workforce has put out some great reports over the last few years, including the Peak . In its latest Hybrid Working 2.0 report, it charts the big issue of employer flexibility in the wake of Covid-19. It surveys employers and employees to ask if the future hybrid, and if so, how can employers achieve the best of both remote and office work. A must-read for those who want to know which way the chips will fall.


4. McKinsey's 9 ingredient recipe for skills success


McKinsey & Company is always a nice corner of the internet to visit when you’re looking for some authoritative business content. This applies to HR and L&D, where McKinsey has been doing some great work charting the ‘Great Attrition’. While any of the future of work content is worth a look, this piece is close to our hearts, as it looks at how complex organisations can navigate mapping skills, upskilling and reskilling in an age of fast-paced change.


5. Employee Experience Trends Report 2022, Qualtrics


Employee experiences are in focus at a time when employees are on the move. In its latest report, Qualtric predicts an exodus of leaders will take place, due to increasing demands placed on them during the pandemic. It backs it with data, showing their intent to stay has dropped over time. It also predicts starring roles in the employee experience future for physical and digital workspaces, DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging) and wellbeing.


6. Ready, Set, Upskill, RMIT and Deloitte


Are your employees about to leave? Do they (or their replacements!) have the skills you need now? This report from RMIT and Deloitte Access Economics uses survey data to reveal how the skills landscape is changing, the challenges employers and employees are facing and will face into the future in upskilling, and shows how peers in HR and L&D are moving to future proof their workforces. There’s bad news - a lot of people are looking for jobs!


7. 9 essentials for creating a learning culture you can bank on


Learning cultures are critical to success in all aspects of HR and L&D right now. They impact everything from your ability to attract and retain the best people, to keeping them skilled and engaged with your journey. So what’s in the recipe for a really good one? Here, we’ve put together a few top suggestions for banking and finance organisations, from the must have foundations like psychological safety, to creating flexible pathways to up the motivation.


8. What workers want: winning the war for talent, PwC


This survey report gives HR the lowdown on what employees are really looking for. And that’s important: one of the highlights of this report is depicting the huge gap between what leaders think employees want, and what they actually want. First up in the employee EVP preference list is ‘remuneration and reward’, while leaders thought they would name ‘values alignment between workers and organisation’. This was actually 16th. Oops!


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